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    Since everyone seems to now have a copy of Dangly Ropes I guess it's time to make a thread.

    The basic premise is that the main character and their classmates with special talents are put in an isolated area and are encouraged to kill each other. All the students are given "Ultimate" titles to reflect their talents. IE: "The Ultimate Baseball Star" would be a student who excels at baseball well above others. Once a body has been discovered the surviving members of the class are to investigate the crime and then have a trial to deduce who the culprit is. Failing to find the killer will result in the killer leaving the isolated zone and all others being executed. Finding the killer on the other hand will result in only that person being executed and all others to continue playing the killing games they're stuck in.

    It's basically Phoenix Wright with a ton of high school anime tropes and a bear.

    Since I'm on mobile right now I'll just list the games in recommended play order and fix the thread tomorrow like I did with Zero Escape.

    Hope's Peak Academy Saga
    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
    Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (Puzzle shooter, also does not follow the formula)
    Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy (Anime series)

    New Series? (Should probably play Danganronpa 1 & 2 before this anyways)
    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (localization unreleased)
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    How far is everybody? I finished chapter 5 just now, I'm really enjoying this and can't wait to play the sequels
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    Ah, too bad. I might have been able to make use of Vita TV. I'm kind of interested in this but I don't know if I'm interested in this to pay $40 for it. Maybe if it's ever put on sale again.
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    I waited 3000 years for them to go on sale, hope the next one comes sooner
    Currently 20% off on Steam at the moment, though.
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    Unfortunate, thanks for the info though. It looks like with the 20% off it's $28.78.

    I'd be willing to split costs through family sharing but think most people here already have the game. Maybe I should stop being cheap and order for that. It's probably about as good as I'll get.
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    Well.. I finished Danganronpa.
    I still need to get all the achievements.. but I beat the game.
    haha @ school mode, this is gonna be fun

    edit: this is NOT fun

    it does seem interesting though.. I'll actually try to beat this

    I was looking through the Steam cards..

    [​IMG] Who?? who in the world is that

    Time to move onto Danganronpa 2, once I finish the post-game "content"
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    Well, I called the split personality thing and the thing about one of the characters being a boy. Was wrong about the killer's identity, never expected it to be Mondo, so that's a relief.
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    Thanks, Byakuya
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    Okay, this topic hasn't been used for a while but I thought maybe now would be a good time to start since I finished DRV3.

    So, I guess if we're to believe Tsumugi, all the memories are fake, all the participants all just ordinary students who auditioned to be in, DR1 and DR2 have been retconned as animated shows, and somewhere in between that and DRV3 aka DR53 it became a reality TV show. For some reason authorities allowed this to go on and don't have an issue with it. The "world being destroyed" was all apart of the DR set.

    TBH, I don't know how I feel about this. It sort of feels like it renders the struggles of all the characters from the previous games meaningless. I was okay with the ending of DR2 because at least it meant DR1 still actually happened.

    Some questions, K1-B0, didn't he have his powers stripped prior to the trial by the Monokubs? How did he have enough power to blow everyone up?

    Even though this is supposed to be neither hope nor despair, it feels hope-ish. In their weird semi-4th wall break the concept was that the remaining characters would die in order to make a crappy ending for the TV show and make the ratings go down so no one else would support it, right? Though if they end up living anyway and Tsumugi dies, that's more like the hope ending than the actual hope ending. They just did it through abstaining rather than voting (and because K1-B0 carried out the executions instead of Monokuma. If it's a happy ending, doesn't that defeat the entire point?

    Near the start of the game, Kaede and Shuichi both distinctly remember being kidnapped, not auditioning. However, this was prior to being shown the first onscreen flashback light (I guess it's possible this was done offscreen prior to the game starting). On top of that, after being exposed to the first flashback light, they forget that they were in the classroom at the start of the game. Though aren't flashback lights only supposed to implant new memories? Not erase old ones.

    What was kid Makoto about? TBH, I'm not sure I understand what the mastermind's goal in introducing this clip was or if there's a chance it could have been a real memory.

    I guess the alternative theory is that Tsumugi is lying. That they were kidnapped as the originally remember, and she made up the entire reality show/auditioning stuff. Which means DR1/Dr2 may have still happened.

    Reminds me of Kokichi, who I really liked. Even at the very end, we don't know what was a lie and what was the truth.
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