Cr1tikaL and why you should watch him.

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    Cr1tikaL( aka Penguinz0) is a youtuber a friend of mine introduced me to recently. I've been hooked and seen just about all of his videos as I'm drawing or coding and I've gone through two erasers and a new keyboard just because of all the mistakes I've made from laughing so hard. He tends to play some of the most obscure games and rarely ever knows what he's doing. So if you're looking for serious gameplay, he's definitely not for you. However if you're bored and looking to laugh, he's definitely worth checking out.

    Unlike most other youtubers every cent of income that he gets from his sponsorships goes towards charity. So not only will you have an awesome time watching him, you'll be helping to fund the fight against cancer and probably fund orphan housing. To be honest I haven't actually looked much into what he donates to, i've just seen his twitter that shows his donations.

    anyways here's a few of my favorite videos he's done to get you started:

    Goat Simulator Gameplay and Commentary

    Classroom Aquatic Gameplay and Commentary

    Mr President Gameplay and Commentary

    Pepsiman Gameplay and Commentary

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