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  1. nooboftheworld

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    This is a VGI clan and will need particapation form VGI members. We will have clan wars, clan tourneys, and other stuff to make our community grow. Sign up today! this clan focuses on forum wars (where you go to other forums to do battle) and other fun stuff like that.

    ok, once we get 15 members for a game, We'll start a forum war. We'll have a clan tourney this saturday.

    This clan involves pokemon/SSBB for now.

    Ranks: Leader - person in charge of the clan. creator of the clan.

    Coleader - person that helps manage everything going on in the clan.

    The Best! - The person who is the best is the certain game. can have more than one occupation.

    General (might be changed) - person that helps leader/coleader with clan wars/tourneys. responsible and a good player. 1 general for each game.

    Knights - people that are egilable to be in clan wars. (two days of being active after joining.)

    Members - people in clan.

    The more members there are, the more ranks there be.

    Leader = Nooboftheworld

    Coleader = ----

    Generals = SSBB: ---- Pokemon: ----

    The Best! = SSBB: ---- Pokemon: ----

    Knights = ----

    Members = Smashermaster17 Brawl FC: 4167-7500-0123
    Nack FC: Something
    Lugiamaster: Brawl FC: 2105 8336 6437 Pokemon FC: 2449 3186 2040

    join today!
    Note: please include Brawl FC and/or Pokemon FC.
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  2. SmashMaster17

    SmashMaster17 Inactive


    I wanna Join

    Wii Number: 5409328384098082
    Brawl Friend code: 416775000123
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  3. Nack

    Nack Inactive

    I'm in.

    Great leader, arrange some awesome forums for us to do battle/rape.

    Wii code: blah blah

    Brawl FC: something

  4. Lugiamaster

    Lugiamaster Junior Gamer

    I'll be in it too, seems like fun

    Brawl fc: 2105 8336 6437

    Diamond fc: 2449 3186 2040

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