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    As most of you might know, 71 was revealed to be "Circus" It's released and unlimited right now for 250 xats, I'll be posting my review now.

    Circus power review: Well, speaking for the price itself, it’s a good price, why is it good? Because it does a lot of things, for only 250 xats, the acrobat smiley is the best one. The usage of this power, would I use it all the time? No I would not, but it’s something I’d use sometimes, because of the acrobat smiley. Would I buy this power? Well, yes, because of the acrobat smiley, and there’s some other cool smileys like (Firewand) (Fireblow) but mainly speaking, it’s up to you whether you like it or not, whether you want to spend 250 xats on a power you might not use, I have to say I’m not a big fan of smiley powers, but one thing I like is good customization. Like the acrobat smiley for example. Stick is one that’s really customizable, and is why I like it.

    BOTTOM LINE: It’s up to you, whether you use these specific smilies a lot or not at all. I would buy it because I use the smileys sometimes. As for the price, the price is good if you check the acrobat smiley, which is one of the strong points of this power. Mainly, with smiley powers, it’s up to you on your judgement of usage.
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    Damn, I want the circus power.
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  3. Reggie

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    Well, it looks like a good power, especially for 250 Xats. Like I said before, I probably wont get into the power business anymore, but yea, the power is okay, I suppose.
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    i find this power funny.xd.150 is the right price for it:@

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