Christmas video game reviews 2008

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Phazon Geno, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Phazon Geno

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    Hi, its leechkid and first id like to say merry christmas to everyone at VGI forums. I got alot of new games this year so im bringing you a review of them. First off its:

    Tomb Raider Underworld. (xbox 360)
    For those of you who played TR: legend, TR: underworld picks up the story where it was left off. Lara, now searching for Avalon, is trying to find her mother who was transported to Avalon when she and lara crashed in the Himalayas. Lara (present day) has found a temple at the bottom of the mediterranean sea and finds an acient arterfact that sends her looking for Thor's hammer. Gameplay is fantastic with lots of tricky and well thought out puzzels and of course shooting endangered animals with your trademark Dual Pistols. The Graphics are brilliant but you will still find the old probelms that every TR has. The camera is fiddly and jerks around everywhere when grappling an object and you will come up against the 'invisible plaforms' (stand on a sloping rail and somehow your floating in midair. On the hhole though, underworld is a fantastic game and if not the best TR game to date.

    Gameplay. 8.5
    Graphics 9.0
    Presentation 9.0
    Fun factor 8.0

    Total 34.5/ 40
  2. Seth

    Seth Fame Had An IV

    If you dont mind could i do one about Animal Crossing city folk?
  3. Phazon Geno

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    yea sure im ok with that
  4. Phazon Geno

    Phazon Geno Inactive

    Banjo kazooie: nuts and bolts (xbox 360)

    Banjo kazooie: nuts and bolts is the third installment in the series and it continues a few years after their last adventureand they have become overwieght eating pizza and playing video games. Then their arch rival grunty the witch (who is just a talking skull) turns up to fight Banjo. Then you are introduced to The lord of games the creator of every single video game and he is fed up with you two fighting so he gives banjo back his slim wieght and grunty a new body, a vechile each and then transports you to showdown town. You will have to collect jiggies to open doorways and reutrn to spiral mountain and be claimed the winner. The other will stay in showdown town forever. Right thats the story out the way next gameplay, for the fans of the old BK games thhis is a completly new idea instead of it being a plaformer its more a stratedy game in which you have to build vechiles to accomplish different tasks. This requires some practice as it is tricky to produce a vechile that suits each job. However that have added a little common sense to the vechile creator, if you put two engines on it it will go faster, put more parts on one side than the other and it will tip over.
    Next graphics and they are stunning with nice bright colours and a clear picture. Which emphasises just how big each stage is and how many jiggies you have to find.
    On the whole nuts and bolts is a fairly decent game but if you where expecting it to be a plaformer like the old games you were wrong. But you can download the first banjo kazooie from the xbox market place so its not all bad.

    Gameplay 7.0
    Graphics 9.0
    presentaion 8.5
    fun factor 7.0

    Total 31.5/40
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  5. Seth

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    Phazon- *sshhh edit button is calling you**

    Alright well animal crossing city folk is a SPECTACULAR addition to the series and my wii libary. The graphics are nice for the wii, but it could be better. Game play is a 9/10 because the game is never over. NEVEERRRR. Endless you cheat with A Action replay. If you have Wild World for ds, you can pick RIGHT UP were you left off on it and send your player to the wii game. You can go to the city to do alot of things Fun factor is pretty high endless your a demented depressed loser, who needs PROZAC. But over this is a nice addition to the Animal Crossing series. And plus Wii Speak is compatiable and Wi-fi features.

    gameplay- 8.0
    Graphics- 7.5
    Presentation- 8.5
    Fun Factor- 9.0

    33/40 :D
  6. Phazon Geno

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    ok review seth, could you review some more games?
  7. Yukinari

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    I would get some of the reviews i posted on other forums but naw.
  8. Seth

    Seth Fame Had An IV

    Yeah I can Phazon, Im planning to do Godzilla Unleashed, COD:W@W in the future. And maybe a pokemon ranger shadows of almia one too.
  9. Phazon Geno

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    Wii music

    Wii music is another one of nintendo's 'orignial and inavative' game titles. Wii music involves you using the wii remote and nunchuck to play various different musical instruments that range from a piano to an suit. Anyway the whole game is basically you performing many different songs and playing minigames which is fun for the first 5 minutes. The graphics are ok, not terrible but not good either but their are some good bold colours. Gameplay gets old and repetetive fairly quickly but there is an insentive for you keep playing which is you have to unlock the majority of the songs by playing the songs you've got over and over again, which just makes you feel bored. On paper this idea was fantastic but the real thing is medicore, if your playing a song and it's going well and you think ok i know what note i want next you press the button and you get an entirely different one which ruins the song.

    Graphics 6.5
    gameplay 6.0
    presentation 7.0
    fun factor 7.0

    Total 26.5/40
  10. Super Smash Bros. Fan

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    I will also review Animal Crossing: City Folk. I will explain as much as I can.
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  11. Seth

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    Its city folk dammit.
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  12. Super Smash Bros. Fan

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    Please do not use lanuage that are not allowed. I'll give you two more chances.
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  13. Seth

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    I Can use what ever the hell i want.

    And if it was swearing it would be spelt like this "Damn it"
  14. Nack

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    He means no "god" before it. The damn is fine.

    I have some crappy reviews stashed away at my failed review site I made a while ago...
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    God is a christian belief is it not? Im not christian

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