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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Numb, Dec 10, 2015.

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    It's the memeist time of the year, and I thought I'd shoot out some of my recommendations of games I hope some, if any, of you cucks try getting so I can play more games with people here!

    Warhammer Dawn of War II Retribution - RTS : This game is fun mostly because units really really fucking matter unlike other RTSs. And by that, I mean unit models in the squad dying give your enemy points for powers, therefore even engaging badly without losing a squad can still hinder you if some men die. The game isn't about buildings, but all about squad play and cover/flanking/teamwork with your units. It's a lot of fun when you're into it, and I'd recommend it to anyone finding that interesting. AND I'LL PLAY WITH YOU!

    Rise of Nations: Extended Edition - RTS : This is one of my favorite childhood games, so I fell in love with the steam remaster release. You start an empire and progress through the years. It's mostly about fighting with reliance on resources and technology in a more detailed way. It's a very fun game, and has the ability to host a lot of players which is the best part. Diplomacy is a blast, and having armies, towers, and massive production outlets is always cool too. Another nice cosmetic feature is your entire nation looking based off of your nation's cultural background. AND I'LL PLAY WITH YOU!

    Fallout 4 - FPS/TPS/RPG : This Fallout is more combat based than the other two. Well, I'm not sure about "more" but it's a lot better, more redefined, and fucking fun. So it's better than the story elements to me. I think this is one of the best games to release this year and I don't feel like typing too much since there's a ton of shit talked about this game already, just know it's your money's worth.

    Civilization V - RTS : Currently playing this now with my friends and it's fun! The fact it can have a game with a lot of friends playing means I'LL PLAY WITH YOU and have huge player parties. The game is nice, all about civilization (duh) with progressing through time. The combat is simple and fine. Diplomacy is one of my favorite features in these games as it sets up dynamic relationships between players as the game goes on. I suggest this strongly since I love board-game esque strategies.

    Skull Girls - Fighting : I KNOW I SAID I DON'T REALLY PLAY IT, but if another person besides Marly plays it I'm willing to play it a lot more. It seems a decent amount of people have the game, so why not more and we just play it from time to time? The game is really nice and fluid last I've checked. It'll also be dirt cheap on the Christmas sales, so why not?

    This War of Mine - Adventure/Action : This game is really nice, and I recommend it the most if you want something unique to play. It's a cold dark game with a survival element. The game gets progressively harder and more frustrating to go on, and you want to make it, but can you? That's the feeling you get throughout it's bitter atmosphere. Stuck in a city that's bordered up and getting sieged from the military to kill the rebels, citizens are struggling to survive. It's kill or be killed, or maybe it's play it safe and starve from time to time and hope death doesn't knock. I suggest being very careful with supplies, the first playthrough you'll kick yourself if you mess those up as it leads to bad consequences, but you learn pretty quick what you need. Also it has seasons, keep that in mind for winter.

    Darkest Dungeon - Dungeon Crawler/Action : Fun turn-based fighting. It's hard as fuck in the beginning but the game basically lets you know that, and that everything is going to be fine if you take it carefully. There's a lot to consider: damage taken, morale, gold, is it worth it, am I retarded, ayy lmao, and other shit. No, seriously this game is really about pushing your characters to their brink. And I like that concept cause it's interesting to play against. It's a fun game, and on Christmas sale I think this is a great pick if you're wanting a dark-styled combat game with nice aesthetics.

    If you guys have any other games to suggest, jot them down cause I might consider buying anything. Any multiplayer games are appreciated if you'll actually play with me :^)
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  2. vengvong

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    Might get Skull Girls cause that sounds hella rad

    Though I've read that they removed panty shots )v:
  3. Numb

    Numb None of this matters

    You should, I fucking only go on this shit computer to meme and play games. So please, more games means I have more fun ;^)
  4. Shadow

    Shadow ಠ_ಠ

    I wouldn't mind picking those up/playing them

    I have this game as well as my cousin, I/we wouldn't mind playing

    I was thinking of getting the game too simply because there isn't a lot of PC fighting games and besides all the fanservice, I've heard the game has really good controls.

    Other game I'd really like to get is Resident Evil Zero, I'm so hyped for the remake. I've been playing ESO, Evil Within and Warframe, my cousin wants me to try PlanetSide 2 so I might get into that.

    I have a ton on my wishlist so I'm not sure what I'll pick up this season/sale depends how much money I can get I guess.
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  5. Sykikal

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    It's peaked my interest, don't know if I really want to get into a whole new series right now though.
    I don't really understand the gameplay and don't want to invest a whole lot of time in learning it but I do have the game.

    Kind of biased in suggesting this but Triforce heroes. One of the few Nintendo games to actually have online multiplayer.

    I'm tempted to suggest GTA 5 but don't know what platform to suggest it for. I was considering moving over to PC at one point when there's a sale, but I mostly just play it with pointy and he has it on PS4. Shadow has it on PC I think. It could be an option I guess if we can decide on a platform. I sort of still play DB Xenoverse occasionally but probably not often enough anymore to suggest it.

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