Cheating In Phantasy Star II?

Discussion in 'Classic gaming' started by CROWley, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. CROWley

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    I Was Playing Phantasy Star II A Few Minutes Ago. I'm Following A Game FAQ's Guide. And The Guide Suggested I Be LV 27 For A Dungeon. I Was Grinding To Level 29. I Went Through The Dungeon And The Upper Floors Were Killing Me. Random Monsters Spawning And I Never Got To Attack.

    Enemies Would Drop My Health To Half Before I Even Attacked, Then They Would Attack Some More!! I Made It To The Top Floor With 2/4 Members Of My Team Dead. Realizing I Was Screwed The Next Monster I Ran Into Killed Me.

    I Got Really Pissed So I Found A Smart Solution. I Can Save And Load Pretty Fast. I'll Just Save Every Few Spaces And Load If I Run Into Anything. I Encountered 3-4 Enemies But It Took me About 5 Minutes To Beat The Last 6 Floors. Then I Just Warped To The Last Town I Visited And Healed & Saved.

    Do You Guys Consider This Technique Cheating?
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  2. Lavitz

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    No but I'd consider using a guide sort of cheating in a way
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  3. CROWley

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    h The Exception Of Super Meat Boy That Is The Hardest Game I've Ever Played. The Battles Are Easy Enough With A Few Hours Of Grinding. But Items Give You No Clue As What They're Used For, What Dungeon To Go To Next. With Every Enemy Encounter It Makes Exploring Really Difficult.

    Think Of It Like Pokemon. Only Every Step Outside A City Could Be A Battle. And The Pokemon Would Be As Strong As Trainers, With Up To 4 Enemies At A Time.

    It's Still A Fun Game Though. I Pirated The Phantasy Star Collection For GBA To Play On My Wii. So Eventually I'll Get To Play Phantasy Star & Phantasy Star III
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  4. Lavitz

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    Yeah it's understandable, I use guides sometimes too
  5. CROWley

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    hahah I Was Going To go Onto The Next Dungeon And The GuY Who Did The Guide Called It The Sanity Breaker. And It's Huge.
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