Character customization and more new information for Xenoblade Chronicles X revealed

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    Previously announced "X" game for the Wii U was named "Xenoblade Chronicles X" and delayed to 2015. The new trailer appeared to show the ability to play in large metal mechs. It was described by Nintendo representatives at E3's treehouse as a "spiritual sequel" to Xenoblade which was released earlier on Wii in Japan and wasn't released in North America until 2012. Xenoblade Chronicles X hasn't yet shown any characters from Xenoblade, though the game has a similar gameplay and art style as previous games in the series. For example, there is a familiar minimap which appears on the upper right hand corner which indicates your current location and destination. The game allows you to target enemies, and it allows you to select "arts" using a similar palette selector that has been in previous games in the series.

    The game features two warring alien species choose Earth as their battlefield. Earth is devastated by the war and humans are creating a plan to escape and/or fight back. The game also features character customization. Allowing you to adjust eyes, hair, skin color, etc. of your character. The game also contains a day and night cycles. Different enemies show up at different times of day, and some enemies may act different at night than they do during the day. The game also has different weather patterns which also can influence enemy behavior.

    The game will also feature different classes, and your stats are
    dependent on your classes. The game has "inner stats" which change depending upon what items you have equipped, and "outer stats" which change depending upon what class you choose. You can change your class mid-game.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Sykikal, Jun 10, 2014.

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