Chapter X-1 Fateful Encounter

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    ***Fateful Encounter***

    Chapter - X

    * As any normal day in blackland, clanner Fudgy gets a challange from a stranger with no name. He wonders who this is as he trains for the clan wars next month, so he decided to take on this challange...maybe this will be an inprove ment for a strong opponent or a path to danger. *

    Fudgy : I wonder who this challange is from, as random as this sounds, i am starting not to like this.

    * As Fudgy wanders in the forest looking for his opponent, he starts to sence somthing strange in the distant. *

    Fudgy : ...?

    * A shadow appears behind Fudgy .*

    Fudgy : ...who is there. * Turns around *
    ??? : your opponent,
    Fudgy : * Somthing about this guy seems off *
    Negral : The names Negral, Negral Kthulu. Lets start Grrrr...
    Fudgy : !? * This guy is far from normal, but i hand handle this. *

    * Negral vanished into the shadows.*

    Fudgy : What !? where did you go !
    Negral : Im behind you ...
    Fudgy : * Turns around quickly * Where ? i dont see you.

    * As fudgy looked around , he happened to look at the ground to spot something unusual. a sword was sticking out of his shadow *

    Fudgy : What the hell !?
    Negral : Its over...* Strikes Fudgy *
    Fudgy : Hmp. * Dodge with no effort at all * Well that was --!?
    Negral : How can you dodge your own shadow ?
    Fudgy : !? * Turns around * this cannot be.

    * Negral cuts fudgies arm *

    Fudgy : Get out of my shadow !
    Negral : Your pretty pathetic...time for you to die painfully .
    Fudgy : * i must think of a way to break this darkness...dark ? *
    Negral : Its over ! * Aims for fudgies heart *
    Fudgy : - Casting Luminia -

    * A huge ray of light covored the area *

    Negral : Graaaaah !!
    Fudgy : I see now, your ability is based on the dark, thats why you chose a deep forest , theres shadow all around here. That was pretty cheap of you.
    Negral : Do you think i care about you.
    Fudgy : Eh.
    Negral : You are something that should not exist.
    Fudgy : Who are you to decide if i should exist or not.
    Negral : Im not deciding...its what im going to do.
    Fudgy : Eh..* This guy really wants to kill me *
    Negral : My sword...will seal your fate. * Breaks engrishkigal into 4 peices *
    Fudgy : Ok you broke your sword, so what .
    Negral : Break ? No. Take apart , Yes.
    Fudgy : * Draws Hammer * Im sick of your tricks what are you doing !?

    * Darkness starts to envelope the broken shards of the blade creating engrishkigals true form, the 4 daggers of fate. *

    Fudgy : 4 daggers ? I had enough of this. * Goes in to strike Negral *.
    Fudgy : ... Wth ? how did this dagger get in my side !?
    Negral : 3 more left .
    Fudgy : 3 more ?

    * Dagger starts to glow *

    Fudgy : * Seems that i cant get a close combat out of this guy, time to use my main power *
    Fudgy : I may look like a gladiator but im quite the spell caster you see.
    Negral : what makes you think spells would work on ---
    Fudgy : On you ? then. - Casting a pont blank Supernova -
    Negral : how the !?

    * Blasted negral into the forest breaking 6 trees in the process *

    Fudgy : Dont toy with a bit different from other spell casters. i dont even have to chant my spells.
    Negral : Ugh...* Gets up * Not bad , but its going to take more then that to take me down.
    Fudgy : Im aware, but i can handle you. * Drops hammer *
    Negral : Good i assume you know theres a dagger in your leg.
    Fudgy : !?

    * There are 2 out of 4 daggers in Fudgy *

    Fudgy : why wont these daggers come out, they dont even hurt but, they wont leave.
    Negral : When all 4 daggers are in your body ...Your sould will shatter.
    Fudgy : Wa-what !?
    Negral : You will die.
    Fudgy : I wont let that happen. * This is bad, only 2 more left * alright then, - Casting point blank super nova then jumps up -

    * Randomly dodge the dagger *

    Negral : Graaaaahh!
    Negral : I missed !?
    Fudgy : * Sitting in mid air * Yep.
    Negral : You ! - Casting Druid Wave -
    Fudgy : Your way to slow at casting it seems, so ill lend you a hand. - Casted a point blan Druid Wave -

    * hits Negral directly *

    Negral : Im immune to dark fool.
    Fudgy : Im well aware of that.
    Negral : what !?

    * Tree falls behind Negral *

    Negral : Grrr !

    * Tree falls on negral *

    Fudgy : Well that was easy, i guess ill be going now * Turns around *
    Negral : Not ...*gasp* So fast.
    Fudgy : How are you till alive !?
    Negral : I told you i wont die easily. * punches fudgy to the ground *
    Fudgy : Aaahhhh..why you... !

    * 3rd dagger in fudgy *

    Fudgy : This cannot be !? The 3rd dagger !?
    Negral : * Grins * Time to finish this. * drops down to find the dagger he missed fudgy with *
    Fudgy : I cant die like this, i refuse to die like this. * Stands up *.
    Negral : ive found it ! time to --- ?

    * Fudgy started glaring at Negral *

    Negral : Scared ?
    Fudgy : ...

    * The clouds goes dark and it starts to rain a bit *

    Negral : What is this ?
    Fudgy : Its about time you know your place demon.

    * A blue aura starts to envelope fudgy *

    Negral : This will end you , * chucks the 4th and final dagger at Fudgy *
    Fudgy : * Grabs the dagger and crumbles it, the other 3 daggers vanished *
    Negral : What the !? How is this possible !?

    * The blue arua around fudgy gets thicker *

    Fudgy : Im done playing games with you * Starts to transform *
    Negral : What !? ..
    Beast Fudgy : ROOOAAAAAR !!
    Negral : Eh ..!?

    * fudgy runs up and punch Negral in the stomach sending him into a tree *

    Negral : * gasp *..such...power. I though you was a spell caster !?
    Beast Fudgy : Grr.. - Casted shinning nova point blank at negral destroying 20% of the forest leaving a crater *
    Negral : .....

    * As Fudgy stands over negral while he is out cold, Fudgy though about what to do ... out of no where negral almost ended his life but fudgy didint want nothing to do with him, so he left negral in the crater while it rains, it was either negral give up and go away or negral can drown in the crater as the fain fills it. it was only the matter of time before time decides for him *
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    What is this... I dont even...

    Is chap 7 longer? They both seem rather close in size.
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    Fateful Encounter

    Whatever chapter this is, it seemed obvious that Fudgy was going to win the battle because the good always win. Anyway, the story is interesting. I wonder what will Negral do now that he is stuck in the crater?
  4. CaspeR

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    How do you know that Fudgy is on the side of good?
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    Well, it seems that Fudgy was defending himself after Negral said he was Fudgy's next opponent. I'm not saying that he is overall the side of good throughout the story.
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    i am me out
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    Confused with what?

    Anyway, another good chapter, this time with a long battle.

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