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    - The Legacy Of Blackland - EX Series 2 -

    - Chapter X-2 - Aleximer's Cause -

    - Characters : Aleximer Herpota, Syrus Wolfos.

    - Extra info : Story of a Hero.

    - Location - Des Uchia - Sogen area...

    ****** Status ******

    * As a normal day like any, a special day was coming up soon, Aleximer must prepair him self for that day to come, the day that may change the world's
    Very existence. He must prepair him self for the worst to come and let his power, mind and heart guide him *

    Aleximer : When this day come's, The Demon monsera, Grim. First thing's first, I must meet up with syrus.

    * As aleximer head across the moutain top, he spot's a group of monsera ahead *

    Aleximer : Eh !? Monsera ? Here ?

    * The monsera start's digging into the ground *

    Aleximer : What are they doing ?

    * He see's the monsera tearing a body apart *

    Aleximer : Eh, i must avoid them and go around.
    Monsera : ROOOAARR !!!
    Aleximer : Im spotted !

    * The beast start's headint toward's Aleximer *

    Aleximer : - Casting Wind Blades - Take this !!

    * Sliced the monsera into peices *

    Aleximer : Whew~ That was close, I must keep moving before i attract more attention to myself. The revival or Grim is at hand and i must stop it at
    All cost !

    * Aleximer traveled through and down the moutain top, searching for a way around to the other side *

    Aleximer : Feel's as if i been walking forever, i wonder if i am close ?
    Monsera : ROAAARRR !
    Aleximer * More !? *

    * Monsera Start's Chasing Aleximer down *

    Aleximer : * Run's * Arg !!

    * The monsera closes in on Aleximer *

    Aleximer : GET BACK !! - Casting Wind Blades -

    * Tear's the monsera to shred's *

    Aleximer : I need to hurry, and --

    * Monsera run's up behind Aleximer *

    Aleximer : * Gasp *

    * The monsera split's in half *

    Aleximer : Eh, what was that ?
    Syrus : Long time no see Aleximer, how have you been ?
    Aleximer : Syrus, Its been a while, heh, i should not have let down my guard huh.
    Syrus : It matter's not, but Grim's awakening is at hand, im sure you know.
    Aleximer : Yeah, im going to take him down .
    Syrus : Hm, alright then. Ill leave this to you .
    Aleximer : Wait, what about you ?
    Syrus : I am looking for someone, but im sure you can handle gim alone right ?
    Aleximer : Yeah, i guess so .
    Syrus : ...
    Aleximer : I knew this day would come, i just hope im ready for it.
    Syrus : You are, just belive in yourself and push foward.
    Aleximer : Thank's.
    Syrus : I must go, do me a favor and kick butt for me ok ?
    Aleximer : Will do .

    * Syrus walk's away *

    Aleximer : Hmm...i forgot to ask him where to get off this moutain. If he came from that way then it's the only choice i have at this point.

    * Aleximer Walk's down the path syrus came from and discovered somthing interesting *

    Aleximer : There is a cave here, seem's like some one is inside. Hopefully there is no monsera here. * sigh *

    * As he walked in the cave, he start's to hear noises up ahead *

    Aleximer : Oh great, all i need is more demon's

    * Hear's talking up ahead *

    Aleximer : I hear voices, * peek's around the corner.*
    Roul : - chanting -
    Aleximer : Who is that, and why is the monsera around him ? Unless, this is Grim's tomb !
    Roul : Who is there !
    Aleximer : Crud ...alright that's enough chanting .
    Roul : Monsera attack !!!
    Aleximer : Easy, WIND BL---

    * Roul's magic drain's Aleximer of his magic *

    Roul : Try that again .
    Aleximer : My magic has been cut off ! * Draw's sword * No matter, i dont need magic to take you !

    * Aleximer start's cutting down the monsera one by one as Roul starts chanting again. *

    Aleximer : * Throw's sword at Roul and slashes his arm * Take that !
    Roul : Arghhh , its to late !

    * Grim's seal start's to glow

    * Roul dissapear's *

    Aleximer : Is'int this wonderful * Grins *

    * The seal start's to crack. Then suddenly, it shatter's. *

    Grim : ROOAARR !
    Aleximer : Dont they all roar ?

    * Grim knock's Aleximer against the wall *

    Aleximer : Geeze, I was joking, but you do roar alot - Casting Air Slash -

    * Grim fire's a fire ball at Aleximer *

    * Aleximer knock's it out the way and slashes at Grim *

    Grim : Grraa !!

    Aleximer : This is to easy ... for being a troublesome demon to release, you dont seem all that harmful.

    * Grim fire's a blast at Aleximer and it crashed right through the moutain *

    Aleximer : I can see now why you must be eliminated, in that case...* Flip's sword backward's * Air Slash !

    * Run's right through Grim with a seer slash, separating his body in two *

    Aleximer : Well , Well...This was way to easy, another mission done and more fight's to do..
    Let's see where life takes me.

    End of Chapter.

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