CH 0 - The Encounter

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    - The Legacy Of Blackland - EX Series -

    - Chapter 0 - The Encounter -

    - Characters : None.

    - Extra info : Shadow Walk untold.


    In the world i know, in the world we live in, Blackland.
    Protected by the god's and inhabited by the people of this world.
    Living in peace is all that matter's.
    That's why when the dark god's rise up to over take bervera, we must be there to stop them,
    and make sure this world live's for day's on end.

    If we happen to fail at this goal, not only will Blackland will be lost, but the other world's aswell will
    be in great danger.
    Let us hope for a better future, and move on with life its self.
    Let our Memories of this tale be untold.

    As our heroes prepair for battle against the dark god's, they scatter to take on there target's one by one.
    Starting with the frontier of magical might.


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