Super Smash Bros Captain Falcon Guide.

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    Captain Falcon

    "A" moves (ground)
    dash attack
    slams body into foe. usually this attack throw the opponent upwards, it can be combo'd with up tilt and uair

    neutral A
    two punchs and a knee and can follow with jabs. this move is used to rack up damage on your opponent

    foward tilt (ftilt
    kicks to the side. used to knock away foe and give you a little distance

    up tilt (utilt)
    lifts leg up and slams to ground. can be used as a follow up to a dash attack

    down tilt (dtilt)
    sweeps legs on ground. used for the same purpose as foward tilt

    foward smash
    uses elbow to set opponent on fire. this is a kill move.

    down smash
    does two kicks, one in front and one in back. is a kill move and can punish rolls

    up smash
    does two kicks going upward, second kick is a kill kick.

    "A" moves (ariels)
    neutral air (nair)
    does two kicks, can be used to edgeguard as well as just a regular attack

    foward air (fair) (hits when the knee comes out)
    uses his knee of awesomeness to pwn his opponent.

    foward air (fair) (hits after it come out)
    uses his knee to hit is opponent, works kind of like foward tilt

    back air (bair)
    back hand your opponent. this has good knockback.

    up air (uair)
    flip kick. this attack as good range as can be a nice edgeguard as well as it can be a follow up attack.

    Down air (dair)
    slams legs downward. if this attack hits at the feet, it's a spike. if this attack hits at the leg, your opponent will fly forward.

    "B" moves
    neutral b
    FALCON PAAAAWWWWWWNCH. this move is sheer awesomeness, it has bad start up and lag so timing is important with this attack. you can also pull a 180 with it. If you hit your opponent with this attack, you opponent just got pwned.

    foward b (ground)
    dive to opponent. if it hits, your opponent will fly upward.

    foward b (air)
    this attack works as a spike, best used for recovery. after you get blasted off the stage, if your opponent jumps off the edge to spike you or for some other reason, this attack will go through that and spike your opponent.

    down b (ground)
    goes in a straight line with a falcon kick. can punish rolls and for suprise uses.

    down b (air)
    goes digonally down-direction your facing with a falcon kick. this as a lot of lag if it hits the ground. used in edge game.

    up b
    mostly used as a recovery move, this move can get out of the lip of FD if you do the opposite direction of the lip.

    next thing is damage of each move.
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