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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by shadowray7, May 30, 2011.

  1. shadowray7

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    'Call of Duty' Targets a Monthly Fee -

  2. Lavitz

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    Yep and it's optional...just like hat fortress 2
  3. Sykikal

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    I don't even know what the fee is for yet, but even being optional this irks me. I dislike (but tolerate) the entire concept of paying a fee to use Microsoft's online services when PC, Wii, PlayStation 3, etc. have completely free online.

    My opinion is that you should just buy the game and that's it (Not commenting on DLC. That's for another time). Online is part of the game. Microsoft and the other developers could make more than a hefty enough profit without the yearly Xbox live fee.

    I almost feel Xbox Live gold is like having a store, then they charge you a yearly fee to give you the "privilege" of purchasing things from there. (As silly as this sounds, I've seen similar things happen, and it isn't totally unheard of. It also is not a completely fair or even analogy, but it is just here for simplicity's sake.)

    If I recall, Activision was actually the main reason that Xbox360's subscriber fee increased by $10. So in other words, since Call of Duty is so popular, Xbox Gold users pay an additional $10 per year to use Call of Duty. Xbox live gold members are already paying $10 per year for Call of Duty, so why should there be an additional fee?

    This is like charging a yearly fee to access a store, because there's an item in particular you want to buy that is available there, then after going to the store and buying the item, you pay an additional monthly fee in order to use it.

    What annoys me more is the spin they put on it, "Elite". Like how they called the other Xbox360 with so many more gigabytes"Elite", implying you're somehow of a higher quality of player or person because you payed more money.

    Worse yet, implying that the offer is somehow "exclusive", and that you're one of a select few who will have access to this. What exactly makes it "Elite"? Because they say you're Elite? Because you payed more?

    It would be like if some guy said "Hey, I have lots of friends, but only casual friends. You can be an Elite friend! Only pay me so much per month for the privilege of being with me." (Again, this analogy is not completely even. I am demonstrating only how silly arbitrary use of the word Elite sounds, not equating some guy's friendship to the value of the subscription.)

    But the thing about this that annoys me the most is that I predict many people are going to pay for this.
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  4. Lavitz

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    It's sad because all the COWADOODYBRAHS will buy it and Activision will know they can charge something like this and get away with it, next thing you know the price will go up just like the map packs. Oh well at least it'll filter out all the "hardcore" Call of Duty players and as long as this Elite subscription doesn't give people any advantage I'll be fine without it.
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  5. CROWley

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    That Was Really Hard To understand At First.

    That Sounds To Me Like Internet And Television companys.
    You have to pay for an item then continue paying for it. The Moment you quit they take it away and you lose all the benefits of it. I Also Don't Like The Yearly Fee, I Stay A Silver member since i can't go back and it let's me buy arcade games,map's ETC.
  6. troll

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    I'll bet a crapload of spoiled kids will spend money on this for the heck of it. However I wouldn't be surprised if someone had a heart and bought it then posted all of the info (Gun ratings/overviews, strategies, etc.) online :D
  7. Sykikal

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    That site doesn't allow hotlinking. If try to when the image is already stored in your cache, it will display fine. Otherwise, it'll redirect you to the homepage.

    If you try clicking a link from another site directly to an image, it'll redirect you to the homepage. Copying and pasting the link (or spoofing referrer information) is the only way to view it directly. Which might be a good thing since the "s" word is one of the blocked words here anyway.
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  8. Lavitz

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    Oh sorry I forgot, no fun allowed.
  9. troll

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    Lmao XD

    Anyways back on topic:


    Click here to sign up!
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  10. Kronos

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    I think Xbox Live is worth paying for, you get a superior GUI for Live compared to PSN (in my opinion) and more DLC. But you can do basically the same things with PSN.

    Wii truly has no online system, each game has it's own system which rather sucks in my opinion.
  11. Sykikal

    Sykikal Administrator Staff Member

    But that's not what this thread is about. It is about Call of Duty Elite, which would be a fee in addition to Xbox Live.
  12. Kronos

    Kronos Inactive

    I think that they shouldn't be able to charge like that for people who already pay a subscription for XBL. If any other game attempted this it would fail but seeing as this is the almighty COD series they know they'll get away with it.

    I wonder how they will implement this on PSN?

    The only games I see this reasonable for are MMORPG's, not FPS's..
  13. Mr Infamous

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    YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR CALL OF DUTY ELITE???!!!!??? Its bad enough paying 25 dollars every 3 months BUT PAYING JUST TO PLAY A VIDEO GAME like we buy the game, we buy online (for xbl), now we have to pay MORE just to play the 60 dollar game LIKE ******* THAT, Well if we have to pay for CoD im just sticking to GoW 3, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Medal of honor, and Battlefield, I mean I already pay for phansty star universe but for CoD just NO!
  14. Aya Shameimaru

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    I have a feeling not many people will pay for it, so it'll just become free or unused. But that's just me..

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