Call of Duty Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Easter Egg - Airplane!

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by jamessmart, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. jamessmart

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    After clearing the game, watch through all of the credits and you will get to the special mile high club level called Epilogue.

    For an intro you hear Cpt Price chatting to some SAS guy saying:
    P: We're going in deep, and were going in hard.
    SaS: Surely you can't be serious?
    P: I am serious, and don't call me Shirley

    This is a reference to the film Airplane! and this level is set on and aeroplane
  2. atnatewosd

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    that game is ausome i have it for my 360 and my ps3 i love it its really ausome people if you need cheat codes pricate messege me i got a whole bunch:woop:
  3. dani

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    does not make sense.

    please make sense. ;-;
  4. atnatewosd

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    :lol: sorry i was typing to fast what i said was if you need a cheat code for that game private messege me.
  5. Digit

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    :lol: "Surely you can't be serious." "Don't call me Shirley!"

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