Best or worst unlockables in modern nintendo games.

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by BoldHeart, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. BoldHeart

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    The worst unlockables in my opinion is the gold background you get for gathering a million coins in new super mario bros 2.

    Another one is a 20 second video you unlock for completing Kirby's Return to Dreamland at 100%.

    Now unlockables i like are the cloud kart with red monster wheels from Mario Kart 7 and Luma in Mario Tennis Open.
  2. Sykikal

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    I kind of get where you're coming from. I don't like it when they have really difficult achievements in video games with a lousy reward. The first example that comes to mind is when I beat Sephiroth on Kingdom Hearts. You basically don't get any reward other than the experience which at that point you don't really need. At least they added a reward with KH2 though (which ironically was an easier fight).
  3. Tayden

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    KH2 is a terrible example, honestly.
  4. Sykikal

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    Why's that? I was just saying how they corrected their mistake from the original Kingdom Hearts.
  5. Tayden

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    There are better examples like super-bosses, like Omega Weapon from FF8. You don't get anything besides a trophy stating your victory against the enemy.

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