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Discussion in 'Spell-checker's topic' started by Spell-checker, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Spell-checker

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    I actually like this power, I’ve wanted to be able to barge into any pool at will for a long time. However, as every power is, it’s based on usage, are you going to use this? I’d have to say for most people this power is useless. It’s function is definitely needed at trade and help(you’d be surprised how many users we have on help these days), and you know, I think it’s a good thing, this power is helping moderators and owners, however it would make more sense as a feature, let me not go on to that. So, as I see it, it’s a good power, but it’s based on usage like I said, most people don’t like the power when they buy it, because they find out that they’ll never be able to use it. So all in all, I’d say this is a must buy for moderators at chats which are popular, but fear not, if you ever get mod on lobby/flirt(not gonna happen), and you have the power, you’ll be fine. Just look at it that way, the less than 0.01% chance that you have at mod on lobby and flirt will pay off, one day. I’d say the price isn’t too bad either, however I wasn’t expecting it to be in days.
  2. Avion

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    Yeah I agree, more than most users wont need this power unless their chat is real popular. Help kind of needs it now since Fri-Sun are normally busy days. Trade mods/owners definitely needs it and some of the other real popular chats but overall no one REALLY needs it unless, as was mentioned before, you have a popular chat.

    I know it's good. I don't have it since I've never really run into the problem though.
  3. Nin10dO

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    It isn't necessary for help for now. When I joined xat help used to be only 1 pool, now its 2 pools but one of them with not so many people. I can go to any pool without trouble in help. But in trade, its a different thing.
  4. troll

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    Nin10, you got that right. I am a trade mod and I have to say that barge is one of the most useful powers I have. I get pc's all the time about rule breakers in different tabs, and I have helped out. This is a useful power.
  5. Nix

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    Its good power. Better than the powers xat were creating the really bad ones.

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