Bad and angry group power review

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    Bad group power review: I guess if you own a chat, and you’ve always wanted to add bad words, this is the way to do it, one thing I don’t like is, you can’t remove words from the censor. And apart from that, I wish it blocked the words fully, and made it so that you couldn’t see what it said, even with clicking. But I guess the censor system will never change. I mean, I can’t say this is a bad power, it’s what, only 200 xats? You get some smilies, and functionality, whether it may be full or not, it’s pretty much a good deal overall. If you have a group that you actually use, this is a plus for you, but for me, it’s not useful.

    Angry group power review:As always, another smiley power. some of the smilies look nice, but, it really depends on usage. I like the fact that they added a facepalm smiley the most, pullhair looks pretty cool, also (flame) is nice for smilie avatars.

    I think it’s worth buying it for me, but for you, it’d depend on usage, I think for most people this would be a nice power to buy.
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    i like the angry power..smiles are excellent :stab:

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