Attack on Titan Season 2 discussion *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Anime' started by Lavitz, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. vengvong

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    Before each person falls, you hear a stabby, fleshy sound, implying that they're injured in some way prior to the fall (possibly even injected).

    I'm thinking that Season 2's ED is showing how the first titan (shifter) came to be. Some girl made a pact with the devil (or whoever), and became the first titan shifter.

    I'd also like to bring up that Ymir as a Titan before she ate Bert/Reiner's friend, and Ymir as a shifter have differences.

    When Ymir is eating Bert/Reiner's friend, she has flat teeth, and she's MINDLESS (just like regular non-shifter titans), whereas as a Titan shifter she has sharp pointy teeth, and she's fully conscious (just like other Titan shifters). That leads me to believe that there's a difference between the two (ie. one is a regular Titan, one is a shifter)

    How would you explain how Reiner, Bert, and even Eren have the SAME experience as Ymir? Reiner even implied that it's something that happens to ALL Titan shifters (when he's talking about how Eren doesn't remember, he wouldn't make that big of an assumption unless he knew that it happened to all shifters)
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    Don't the human titans aka. shifters become titans by cutting themselves? It makes me wonder if she wasn't already a titan and just hadn't gotten a chance to reveal it yet.

    Hm.. Possible but I feel like you're jumping to conclusions a bit if all we have to go on is this art piece. Not to mention, there are at least five shifters already (six if you count big monkey guy). Seems strange to me that it could have stemmed from just one unless she had the power to create new titans.

    Good catches. Yeah, I thought this before but this seems to solidify that idea even more.

    The main reason I speculated that there was an additional method was because of the original shifters problem. I'm not saying that eating a shifter isn't a method for transforming from mindless titan into a shifter. I just didn't think it was the only way. It's possibly a rarer method, or one that isn't around anymore, or one that Reiner and Bert don't know about. Total guess on my part, but maybe eating a mindless Titan is another way? Bert in his full sized titan form is probably large enough to eat up other smaller sized Titans.

    This is probably a stretch on my part since it sounded like they were talking about shifters specifically, but I don't know for sure if that eating another shifter is the requirement. It seemed like they were vague in the wording and only referred to the person who got eaten as a comrade. Could be some weird requirement like eating 100 people, or eating the person with the right genes or using the right method to eat them.
  3. vengvong

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    If she already was a Titan shifter, then she wouldn't have been mindless

    Also, I have more to add to my theory. Early in Season 1, this scene is shown.

    Eren gets injected (!!), and his father says "This power will aid you." What power? The power of Titans obviously. My theory is that the injection is some serum that turns you into a mindless Titan. Eren is turned into a mindless Titan, and eats his dad (who is a Titan shifter), which explains why he goes missing. Eren then gains the power to become a Titan shifter as he ate another Titan shifter (again, that's just my theory).

    This would explain how Ymir got turned into a Titan in the latest episode, the stabby fleshy sound you hear before people fall is THE SAME SERUM BEING INJECTED INTO THEM.

    These two events lead me to believe that there is a titan injection that can turn you into titans, and solidifies my thought that eating a titan shifter turns you into a Titan shifter.
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  4. Lavitz

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    The injection is blood from another Titan shifter I think. Like Veng said, the girl (assuming a Queen) is getting something from a "devil", looks like a forbidden fruit of some sort.


    She has blonde hair, maybe some relation to Christa. Next it shows the same girl as a Titan with people fighting her.


    I don't know what significance this has, but it looks like the same can Reiner and Ymir had


    King standing over the Queen's corpse, with their children eating her flesh. Looks like more of her body is spread out in containers all around them.


    Some kind of bug?


    The titans mysteriously appear from across a body of water, likely from that kingdom

  5. Lavitz

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    "I'm sure their memories will teach you how to use it" :panic:
    What if Titans are only eating people because they instinctively want to become human again, so they need to eat a shifter to do that. :panic: Eren eating his father totally makes sense because why else would he put his son and himself in that kind of danger if he wasn't planning to be eaten? The way he was telling Eren to find the basement sounded like he was about to die.
  6. vengvong

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    Ymir confirmed in this episode that a Titan eating a Titan shifter passes on the ability to Titan shift.

    I like that idea. Thinking about it, it was really lucky that Eren managed to transform while in that Titan's stomach in S1

    1 more episode left for S2 :sob:
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    So Eren has the "Coordinate", and that gives Eren the ability to control other titans.. huh. That eliminates just about all threats other than the Titan shifters. What if Eren lost his ability to shift though

    from a previous episode

    First glimpse at Beast Titan's identity. "Not yet, eh?" Is he planning another attack?

    :hype: :hype: :hype:
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  8. Sykikal

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    I was skeptical at first but the queen being the first titan/shifter seems a lot more plausible now that you lay out the entire story like that.

    Reiner mentioned that Eren didn't have the ability to transform in a previous episode because Eren had become so injured in battle. It looked like Eren's fingers hadn't fully grown back when he was trying to transform so that could be the reason too. I'm trying to determine whether Eren had this ability innately in him the entire time or if for some reason he just now obtained it. The only thing I can think of is that it's like Super Saiyan where he obtains it by becoming "really, really mad".

    The image is down, but I've taken a screenshot and reuploaded Beast Titan.


    Doesn't look like anyone already introduced in the show, but somewhat reminds me of Edward's father from Full Metal Alchemist.

    Agreed, it bugs me that they only had 12 episodes after a four-year break between seasons, but at least the next season is in only a year. I'm considering reading the manga to find out what is going on early. On one hand, I don't know if I even want to wait the year, on the other hand, I feel like I'm sort of spoiling it for myself.
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    Yeah I considered that too, but back in S1, Eren managed to transform despite his arm bitten off + he was swallowed... which goes against what Reiner said :shrug: was Reiner lying?

    I read somewhere that it was because if it were 24 episodes, the season would end in between a big arc, something like that, and it would be paced much better if the 2nd season had 12 episodes and the 3rd season had 24 episodes

    don't do it
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    The manga is so good, I just caught up to the latest chapter. So much has happened that I'm probably not going to be able to talk about anything anime related for a while because I know too much. That being said, I can't wait for the anime adaptation, there's so much I want to see animated now, I don't feel like it spoiled the anime for me because I'm still looking forward to it. If you have any doubts or don't want to have the anime spoiled, I say just go for it.

    I can see that now, still there was some material they could have included in Season 2, but I guess it wouldn't have been too exciting for a finale if they ended it before they really got into the next arc.
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    Is anyone reading the manga? It’s about to get intense
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    Top 10 anime betrayals
  13. vengvong

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    yea i lied go read the manga
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    I have a theory about the other animals in this part of the OP, but it's gonna have some manga spoilers

    [​IMG] This image is of the Great Titan War, and we can see some of the shifters here, like the Warhammer Titan, the Cart titan, and the Armoured Titan.

    What's with this horse though? It's clearly bigger than the rest of the humans in the picture... maybe it's the Beast Titan??

    Basically, all the animals in the OP are different forms the Beast titan could have had.. maybe the next person to inherit the Beast titan will be a different animal, perhaps a Bird titan? The idea of having a flying titan was already brought up, maybe it was foreshadowing
  15. vengvong

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    idk i thought they'd be this one [​IMG]

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