Attack on Titan Season 2 discussion *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Anime' started by Lavitz, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive Staff Member

    Cool first episode, I'm glad to see another talking Titan after watching those OVAs. Did the sasquatch Titan just confirm all Titans have people inside of them like Eren and Annie?! That would certainly explain their weak point. And what's the deal with those Titans hidden in the walls that can't be exposed to sunlight? Too bad this season is only 12 episodes, I want answers :sob:
  2. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Yeah, it sounds like that's what it means. It also sounds like titans understand the same language as humans as well since they all understood his "Wait" and "You can move now" commands. Although I'm not 100% sure that this wasn't just another language and subtitles were translating it for us. This is where a person who actually speaks Japanese could come in handy.

    So now we don't know why humans are driven to eat other humans, why they stopped, or why they started back up again now, but it does show that they're not just mindless beats. Here's my wild speculation.

    • Eating humans makes the titans more powerful or smarter.
    • My alternative theory is that humans are just a delicacy for them. I'd like to assume that humans wouldn't kill other humans just because "it tastes good" so the power thing is the best theory I have. The titans somehow survived for 100 years without killing humans so I'm assuming they can live without them.
    • Titans didn't want humans to go 100% extinct so they let humans buildup for 100 years and replenish themselves. Basically, what humans do now with endangered species. They agreed to leave humans alone for a certain period of time.
    • The time expires, or a titan got greedy and broke the agreemement, thus starting the series.
    Yeah, I got no idea on that. Church guy seemed to know something but he seems reluctant to talk. Also, agreed. I can't believe they only have 12 episodes after taking 3 years.
  3. Fenrir

    Fenrir Luminary of the stars!! Staff Member

    I was thinking maybe they don't have to rely on eating humans that there might be some sort of strange photosynthesis going on that effects how docile they are ?

    this is an interesting thought. i can see that being one of the reasons behind it but not entirely.
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  4. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    I watch anime, so I'm practically Japanese /s

    Beast titan says "matte" when he tells the other titan to wait, and "matte" literally means wait.

    Beast titan says "mou itte ii yo" which translates to "You can go now"

    The OP makes me think that there are other animal-based titans that are like the Beast titan :think:

    I wonder what the relation between Beast titan and the other titans are, the beast titan obviously didn't care too much about killing another Titan. Fully conscious human?
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  5. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    All we can seem to tell is that this particular beast titan is smarter, bigger, and gives orders to the other titans. It seems to most resemble a monkey, so I don't know if its just this one particular beast titan that's smarter, or if it's a trait with all of them. I'm still unsure of the process to turn into a beast titan, as to whether they start human and turn into a beast, or if they start out as actual animals and that's why they resemble animals now.
  6. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    I wonder what that language only Ymir could read was. Does it have to do with the titans (or maybe the wall cult)? Did Reiner deduce that she was a Titan before we were shown that she was?

    Looking at the episode preview, Ymir in Titan form seems smaller than Eren in Titan form. She seems a bit.. puny, but whatever

    Last episode, we were shown that the wall cult was "monitoring" Christa. Is Ymir part of the cult, & monitoring her? If so, then that makes the cult even more suspicious considering that she's a Titan.
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  7. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Damn, so Ymir dies? What were her intentions? Not like we can really find out if she's dead, so..

    Also, the Titan that ate Reiner's friend has straight teeth, while Ymir's Titan teeth were pointed. Not the same titan?
  8. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    My favourite episode so far, that was crazy.

    Two Titan reveals this episode, I think finding out which people are titans is my guilty pleasure

    Less than a week ago I was spoiled that Reiner was the Armored Titan, but it was shown right in the next episode so I'm glad. Who would've thought that Bertholdt was the Colossal Titan though??

    Next episode with their fight is gonna be epic, most hyped episode for me.

    I didn't notice this until now but the Beast Titan is actually in the ED
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  9. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    FYI, you don't HAVE to put in a spoiler tag since spoilers is in the topic title. If someone views the topic after seeing the title it's on them. Unless the spoilers are from a different medium and the person reading doesn't have a reasonable expectation of knowing about it based on the title (eg. you were giving spoilers for the manga or for an OVA and the anime hadn't reached that point yet).

    I was kind of annoyed that the group was so critical of Ymir in EP31 about her judgment. I would think her actions would make it obvious what side she was on. After what they did to Eren when they first found out he could turn into a Titan, I don't really blame her.
    I was surprised they revealed such a big secret so casually. That's part of what I liked about the reveal though. I didn't expect it. I mean, just a few episodes ago wasn't Reiner really attracted to Historia? Was it all an act? We still don't know the big secret, which is why the Titans are going after humanity in the first place, but it seems like they sort of hinted at it by saying they no longer needed to go after humanity if Eren came back. Perhaps they were just eliminating threats and Ymir was the last human that could turn into a titan (and thus the last threat) other than Eren, or it's possible they could just be trying to lure Eren into a trap and the "leaving humanity alone" stuff is a lie. If I were Eren I'd have questioned them more instead of just saying "You've gone crazy". I mean Eren already suspected Reiner, right?

    Anyway, I'm glad this season seems to be progressing far more quickly than the previous season did. We've already learned more in just a few episodes about the Titans than we did in most of the entire first season. Which was my main critisism of it.

    That part of the ending makes me feel weird. Not just in a "gross out" way but in an "I'm angry that the titans have so little regard for people and are desecrating the dead in that way". For some reason, the part of the ending bugs me more than the actual deaths from the show.
  10. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    My guess is that the reason why Reiner was acting weird/so casual about it is because he was confused about whether he wanted to fulfill his duty of eliminating humanity, or stay with the Survey corps he's been with for 3 years. If Reiner fully wanted to eliminate humanity, then he could've easily killed Eren (who I'd say is their biggest threat) before he could even transform in the latest episode as the Armored Titan. All Reiner does is grab him.

    They didn't even know Ymir was a Titan until the events at that tower/castle where Ymir did her big reveal (I guess Reiner found out a few minutes before her reveal though, with him seeing her being able to read that mysterious language, which I'm guessing is some Titan language)

    The rest of the survey corps made the plan 12 hours before that to lead both of them underground and confine them, they were also told to act in a way not to reveal any suspicion. All Eren was doing was following that plan.

    I'd like to mention that after rewatching the last episode's final few scenes, it appears that only the top half of the Colossal Titan formed, and he's stuck to the top of the wall.
  11. Lavitz

    Lavitz Inactive Staff Member

    Holy shit. This season has restored my faith in this series. That reveal was so good.

    It's pretty obvious now that titans used to be human, so it's only natural he'd act like a human.

    I want that new version of Vogel im Käfig :weary:
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  12. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    So Mikasa did hold back when attacking Reiner and Bertholdt in the last episode, huh.

    I liked the Titan martial arts part, that was a nice touch. Jiu Jitsu translates to "gentle art". It's called that because you're using your opponent's own strength against them rather than your own, which is exactly what Eren did this episode to take down the Armored Titan.

    The Armored Titan is also based off the wrestler and mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar, which fits in really nicely with this episode.

    uh oh, kamikaze attack
  13. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    have a video
  14. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    I hate cliffhangers SO much, gotta wait a week.. again..

    I guess Eren got his arms bit off? Can't wait to see more of Ymir, because we get to see who she sides with
  15. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Yeah, looks like he got them bit/cut off. It seemed like there was not alot going on in this week's episode. I tend to think Ymir would probably side with humans but I guess being in the clutches of the titans she could change her mind. We still don't know why they went after humans in the first place.
  16. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Eren got his arms bit off so he couldn't transform, but in the preview, he has them back? He regenerated that quickly?

    i was wrong
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  17. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    I'm sticking with my theory that Christa is a Titan. The wall cult is "monitoring" her, and now Reiner wants to keep her alive? And not to mention Ymir has a strange obsession with her..

    Btw, note that this episode is taking place just a mere 2 days after Eren had the fight with Annie in S1, I wouldn't really blame him for snapping at Reiner considering how much has gone on in just 2 days + the fact that Ymir was betraying him, the boy can't get any rest!

    Complete speculation, if Ymir somehow knows that Christa is a titan, and knows that Reiner knows that Christa is a titan, then why wouldn't she side with them? Ymir seemed to trust/believe Reiner when it came to Christa.
  18. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Wow, a lot going on in just two days. It bugs me that Eren had a golden opportunity to get information and he squandered it. As he said, he had to suppress his emotions in order to get vital intel that could help humans. There's still a lot Eren doesn't know about the titan's motives

    Why would titans eat them, other titans? Aren't they on the same side? Do the Titans only go after other worn down titans? Are the rest of the titans mindless beasts or all they all intelligent like Eren, Reiner, Ymir, etc. There are probably other human titans Reiner know about as well. More importantly, we still don't know what their motive is. It sounded like it was implied that it was to determine whether or not humanity posed a risk to the Titans but it's possible it could be more than that.
  19. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Wtf, were we just shown how humans are turned into Titans?? In Ymir's backstory, they were kicked down some wall, then made the bright light that Titan shifters make when they transform.

    Also, this ties in perfectly with the OVA. In the backstory we're shown that Ymir had a lot of followers as she claimed to have the blood of the king. They even bowed to her.

    What did the talking titan do in the OVA? He called Ilse "Ymir-sama", and bowed to her.

    What (i think) happened was that the titan thought Ilse was Ymir (they do somewhat resemble each other), and the titan was one of Ymir's followers shown in the latest episode before they were all turned into Titans.

    My theory is, a regular titan eating a titan shifter turns them into a titan shifter. Ymir slept for 60 years and didn't turn into a human until she ate Reiner and Bert's friend (who we can assume is a titan shifter), and apparently Bert, Reiner, and even Eren had a similar experience?? (although Eren doesn't remember.. yet)
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  20. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    I don't know exactly what caused it. If it was just a fall from a great height or a life threatening situation you'd think that half of the troops would be titans by now.

    Your theory sort of brings up the "chicken and the egg" question. How did the first titan-human shifters come about? There were no other human titans to eat. It also means that there's a limited number of human to titan shifters. In order for a new one to be created, one of them has to die, so they could decrease in numbers if they were killed by other causes but never increase. I don't really have a great alternate at the moment but I don't think that's the only way to do it.

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