[Apr 18, 2015] Weekly game night #10: Smash bros tournament (Online)

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Sykikal, Apr 12, 2015.

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Weekly game night #10: Smash bros tournament
Confirmed Attendees: 5
Posted By: Sykikal
Start Date: Apr 18, 2015 06:00 PM
End Date: Apr 19, 2015 12:00 AM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT
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  1. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Thought I'd make this week's game night a bit more interesting. To celebrate the release of Mewtwo and our 10th game night I'm holding a Smash Bros Wii U Online Tournament (Tournament moved to next week due to lack of participants).

    Winner receives Club Nintendo Platinum game of choice.


    • You need to RSVP at least 48 hours in advance (that is by Thursday, 7:30 PM PST) in order to guarantee eligible! If you haven't already voted for SSB4 please do so.
    • This only happens if at least 4 people join.
    • Players who RSVP are put into brackets. If there isn't an even number of players some players might get a pass on the first round.
    • Regular matches are best 2/3 games
    • Final is best 3/5
    • 3 stock
    • No items
    • Matches are to take place on Final Destination and Battlefield. Other stages can only be used if both players agree to them.
    • No other special options/custom characters enabled.
    • Connection issues/disconnects will be decided on a case by case basis. Users with lousy connections may be disqualified.
    • Matches start Saturday, April 18th, 7:30M PST

    _____ azure Ezreol HaxAras Miles Numb Pineapplease shadowray7 Shadow Sykikal vengvong TheWolfsHeart
    Week 1 _____ 1 _____ _____ 1 1 _____ 1 1 _____ 1
    Week 2 _____ 2 _____ _____ _____ 2 1 2 2 _____ _____
    Week 3 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 3 2 3 3 1 _____
    Week 4 1 _____ _____ 1 2 _____ _____ 4 4 2 _____
    Week 5 2 _____ _____ 2 3 _____ _____ _____ 5 3 _____
    Week 6 3 _____ _____ 3 _____ _____ _____ 5 6 4 _____
    Week 7 _____ _____ 1 4 _____ _____ _____ 6 7 5 _____
    Week 8 4 _____ _____ 5 4 _____ _____ 7 8 6 _____
    Week 9 _____ 3 _____ 6 _____ _____ _____ 8 9 7 _____

    Cards against humanity 6 (Pineapplease, Sykikal, Miles, Shadow, HaxAras, vengvong)
    Smash bros for Wii U - 5 (Pineapplease, Sykilal, Numb, Miles, azure)

    League of Legends -4 (Sykikal, Numb, Miles, azure)
    Mario Kart 8 - 3 (Sykikal, vengvong, azure)
    Damned - 3 (Shadow, azure, Sykikal)
    CS: Go - 3 (Numb, Shadow, Miles)
    Destiny (PS4) - 3 (Sykikal, Miles, azure)
    Diablo 2 - 3 (Miles, Sykikal, Shadow)
    Killing Floor - 3 (Numb, shadowray7, Shadow)
    Smite - 3 (Numb, azure, Sykikal)
    Slendertubbies - 3 (Shadow, vengvong, bella)
    SWAT 4 - 2 (Sykikal, Shadow)
    Pokemon Y/X/ORAS - 2 (HaxAras, Sykikal)
    Chess - 2 (HaxAras, Sykikal)
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2015
  2. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Gosh darn it, I can't decide whether I should buy another figurine, or SSB4U.
  3. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    It's your money so it's up to you, but I'd definitely suggest SSB4U. I'm kind of surprised you bought the 3DS version over the Wii U version in the first place. I could understand it if you didn't have a Wii U and only had a different 3DS but it seems like an easy choice for someone who has a Wii U.
  4. Numb

    Numb None of this matters

    Aww yeah. I promise to win this bad boy :cool:

  5. Pineapplease

    Pineapplease Gamer

    Bring it on muddafucca! You ain't more tuff than puff!
  6. shadowray7

    shadowray7 Resident Maki Worshipper

    Myeh, okay
  7. Numb

    Numb None of this matters

    Psssh okay kid. You're about to get slapped down with Arcfire.

    You can feeeeeeel the excitement.
  8. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Hm.. Only 3 people RSVP for the tourney. shadowray7, pinapplease, and Numb. I wanted to get 8, but 4 at a bare minimum. I was planning on sitting it out because I think it'd be lame to win my own tourney. How would you all feel about just doing regular smash this week and delaying the tourney until next week? Maybe advertise it to get more people.
  9. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    What's the point is hosting a tranny if you don't even get to enjoy it. If by some miracle you managed to win, you could always award second place the reward.
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  10. Numb

    Numb None of this matters

    This post cured cancer. God bless you.
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  11. BoldHeart

    BoldHeart Loading...

  12. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Some miracle? Doesn't sound like you have much faith in me. Alright, guess I'll join. (Presuming we still have it? Still like to get more feedback on that).
  13. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

  14. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    Okay, I decided to delay this tournament/prize until next week (we can still do a casual one without a prize or with a smaller prize though). Pinapplease even RSVP'd maybe so I'm not entirely sure if he's even showing up, and shadowray hasn't mentioned much about this since, and Numb isn't showing.

    Hopefully I can get more people involved by then. As far as the regular games go.

    Tetris at 6PM PST (Thought we could use a break from Card Against Humanity)
    SSB4 at 7:30PM PST
    League of Legends at 9PM PST
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2015
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  15. vengvong

    vengvong Limit Breaker

    Note, the maximum amount of players is 6 including yourself. Give the RSVP'd priority over the non-RSVPers :*)
  16. Sykikal

    Sykikal Very mentally stable admin Staff Member

    If we have more than six we can set up two separate rooms I suppose.
  17. CROWley

    CROWley Inactive

    I'd like to have my Cards Against Humanity vote removed. That game is terrible. Throw in votes for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U (for next week) and the 3DS tonight.

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