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    Hey, I realized that as we're moving into 2019 people are saying rude and offensive stuff and it's not very nice and people have too many freedoms so I thought a good way to help limit that is to allow them to express communication in only certain approved ways that are designed to be non-offensive and friendly so everyone can have a happy and enjoyable experience! I've seen many game companies implement friendly measures like this so it'll help VGI move more towards gaming!

    It's pretty simple, users will not be able to type in the discord chat directly, but instead will be able to send their messages through a bot, and the bot will only relay pre-approved friendly messages along with the user who said it. Most inputs will let you direct your command at a particular user. The phrases will even have predefined shortcuts!

    !message 1, user Paul

    12:07 AM Friendly bot: Sykikal said: "Hi, what's up @Paul?"

    Here's a list of approved phrases:

    1. "Hi, how are you (user)!"
    2. "Doing good (user)!!"
    3. "Doing great(user)!"
    4. "What a great day we're having!"
    5. "I really like the weather we're having"
    6. "Hi (user), I think you're a great person"
    7. "I want to hug you today"
    8. "Full on friendship! Lets tackle another day!"
    9. "I hope today will bring you lots of happiness, love and fun. You deserve them a lot. Enjoy!"
    10. Attention: I'm rescinding all the old rules and replacing it with this one new rule
    11. hi
    12. Please see our new policies. I don't think a duel falls under our approved messages.
    13. Darn, if only you came by yesterday I could duel you. Unfortunately no dice, I checked the approved messages and can't find any duel messages there that would allow me to participate in a duel.
    14. I just hope this "Great Will" follows the approved messages list. My hands are bound, friend. Wish I could help you. Nice of you to stop by though.
    15. That could work I just want to make sure people know who is saying what. It'd probably have to be like those automated helplines that sound like they're talking naturally until they have to recite your phone number. Then they sound really unnatural.
    16. I appreciate your enthusiasm by the way but just want to point out that no one is above the system. Imagine if users could just post whatever they want anytime they want. It'd be chaos! People could send death threats, doxes, and other illegal stuff. You wouldn't want that to happen would you?
    17. Seriously, it'll be fun! I know what you all are thinking "But won't this new system cost a lot of time?" Well, that's only because we're just starting out and haven't implemented all the phrases in yet. Once we really get going we'll be able to give out phrases with a single number instead of taking the time to type out or entire message! This is like a hotkey efficiency goldmine here.

    Now I know what you're thinking, "Surely this list isn't all inclusive? What if we want to say something that isn't on the pre-approved list?"

    Have no fear! You can PM me to have a phrase added to the list!

    I have not fully programmed the bot yet but in the meantime, I expect people to only converse using this pre-approved list. Unsure what to do with voice chat, for the time being, we should probably ban it until we find a way to get a bot to simulate our voice as unchecked voice chat is too much of a risk. For now, I've left it open but note that this is a danger zone where unchecked conversation can take place. Please enter with extreme caution.
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