Image Title Text
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Big Grin Big Grin :D :biggrin: (biggrin) :Biggrin: (Biggrin)
Frown Frown :( :frown: (frown) :Frown: (Frown)
Crying Crying :'( :crying: (crying) (Crying) :Crying)
Mad Mad :@ :mad2: :Mad2: (mad2) (Mad2) >:(
Wink Wink ;) :wink: :Wink: (wink) (Wink)
Eek! Eek! :O :eek: (eek) :Eek: (Eek)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :P :p :-p :-P
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Confused Confused :s :S :confused2: (confused2) :Confused2: (Confused2)
Oops! Oops! :$ :oops: :Oops: (Oops) (oops)
Love Love :love: (love) :Love: (Love)
XD XD :XD: (XD) :xd: (xd)
Sleepy Sleepy :sleepy: (sleepy) :Sleepy: (Sleepy)
Wary Wary :wary: (wary) :Wary: (Wary)
>:3 >:3 :>:3: (>:3)
Devil Devil :6: (6)
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Glasses Glasses :glasses: (glasses) :Glasses: (Glassses) (look) :look:
Whistle Whistle :whistle: (whistle)
Sinister / Sneaky Sinister / Sneaky :sinister: (sinister) :Sinister: (Sinister) :sneaky: (sneaky) :Sneaky: (Sneaky)
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :y2: (y2) :Y2: (Y2)
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down (n2) :n2: :thumbsdown: (N2) :N2:
Sick Sick :sick: (sick) :Sick: (Sick)
Giggle Giggle :giggle: (giggle) :Giggle: (Giggle)
Barefoot Barefoot :barefoot: (barefoot) :Barefoot: (Barefoot)
Ninja Ninja :ninja: (ninja) :Ninja: (Ninja)
Censored Censored :zip: (zip) :Zip: (Zip)
Alien Alien :alien: (alien) :Alien) (Alien)
Unsure Unsure :unsure: (unsure) :Unsure: (Unsure)
Bowing down Bowing down :bow: (bow) :Bow: (Bow)
Coffee Coffee :coffee: (coffee) :Coffee: (Coffee)
Rolling on the Floor Laughing Rolling on the Floor Laughing :rofl: (rofl) (ROFL) :ROFL:
Cry emoji Cry emoji :sob: :cry2: (cry2)
Laugh emoji Laugh emoji :joy: (joy) :laugh2: (laugh2)
Sweat emoji Sweat emoji :sweat: :sweat_smile: (sweat)
XD emoji XD emoji :laughing: :XD2: (XD2) :xd2: (xd2)
Angel Angel :angel: (angel)
Upside Down Upside Down :upsidedown: (upsidedown)
Love emoji Love emoji :love2: (love2)
Kissy Kissy :kissy: (kissy)
Cool Cool :sunglass: (sunglass)
Devil Devil :devil: (devil)
Smirk emoji Smirk emoji :smirk2: (smirk2)
Neutral emoji Neutral emoji :| :neutral: (neutral)
Think emoji Think emoji :think: (think) :thinking: (thinking)
Worry emoji Worry emoji :worry: (worry)
Angry emoji Angry emoji :angry3: (angry3)
Confused emoji Confused emoji :confused4: (confused4)
Tired emoji Tired emoji :tired2: (tired2)
Weary emoji Weary emoji :weary: (weary)
Surprised emoji Surprised emoji :surprised2: (surprised2)
Shock Shock :surprise: (surprise)
Sad emoji Sad emoji :sad2: (sad2)
Sick Sick :nausea: (nausea)
Ill Ill :ill: (ill)
Injured Injured :injured: (injured)
Sleeping Sleeping :sleeping: (sleeping)
Ok Ok :ok: :ok_hand: (ok)
Sweat Drops Sweat Drops :sweatdrops: (sweatdrops)
Skull Skull :skull: (skull)
Poop Poop :poop: (poop)
Baby Mario Crying Baby Mario Crying :cry: (cry) (Cry) :Cry:
Mario Mario :mario: (mario) :Mario: (Mario)
Paper Mario Finger Wag Paper Mario Finger Wag :papermario: (papermario) :Papermario: (Papermario)
Mad Mario Mad Mario :mad: :Mad: (mad) (Mad) :madmario: :Madmario: (madmario) (Madmario) :MadMario: (MadMario)
What!? Mario What!? Mario :what: :What: (what) (What)
Slow Clap Slow Clap (slowclap) :slowclap: (SlowClap) :SlowClap:
Mario contemplating Mario contemplating :hmm: :Hmm: (hmm) (Hmm)
Mario Reasoning Mario Reasoning :reason: :Reason: (reason) (Reason) :reasoning: (reasoning)
Mario Victory Mario Victory :victory2: (victory2) :v2:
Mario with Cape Mario with Cape :cape: (mariocape) (Mariocape) (Cape) (cape) :Cape: :Mariocape: :mariocape:
Raccoon Mario Raccoon Mario :raccoon: :Raccoon: (Raccoon) (raccoon)
Mario Power Ups Mario Power Ups :marioup: (marioup) (MarioUp) :MarioUp)
Sad Bowser Sad Bowser :sadbowser: (sadbowser)
Bowser Laughing Bowser Laughing :lmao: (lmao) :blaugh: (blaugh) :Blaugh: (Blaugh) :Bowserlaugh: :bowserlaugh: (Bowserlaugh) (bowserlaugh)
Bowser Punch Bowser Punch :punch: :Punch: (punch) (Punch)
Bowser Bowser :bowser: (Bowser) :Bowser: (bowser)
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. :bjr: (bjr) :bowserjr: (bowserjr)
Luigi Luigi :luigi2: (luigi2) :Luigi2: (Luigi2)
Luigi dance Luigi dance :luigidance: (luigidance) (LuigiDance) :LuigiDance:
Luigi Luigi :luigi: (luigi) :Luigi: (Luigi)
OMG Luigi OMG Luigi (omgl) :omgl: (OMGL) :OMGL:
Luigi Bike Luigi Bike :luigibike: :LuigiBike: (luigibike) (LuigiBike)
Luigi and Sonic Luigi and Sonic :luigisonic: (luigisonic) :Luigisonic: (LuigiSonic)
Luigi Bye Luigi Bye :luigibye: (luigibye)
Yoshi Yoshi :yoshi: (yoshi) :Yoshi: (Yoshi)
Yoshi Yoshi :y1: (y1) :yoshi1: (yoshi1)
Yoshi Eyes closed Yoshi Eyes closed :yoshi2: (yoshi2)
Yoshi crying Yoshi crying :yoshi3: (yoshi3)
Yoshi Sad Yoshi Sad :y5: (y5)
Yoshi Winking Yoshi Winking :y6: (y6)
Yoshi tongue Yoshi tongue :y7: (y7)
Yoshi in love Yoshi in love :y8: (y8)
Yoshi Mad Yoshi Mad :y9: (y9)
Yoshi Yuck Yoshi Yuck :y11: (y11)
Yoshi Thumbs up Yoshi Thumbs up :y12: (y12)
Yoshi Thumbs Down Yoshi Thumbs Down :y13: (y13)
Yoshi Wary Yoshi Wary :y14: (y14) :ywary: (ywary)
Dancing Princess Peach Dancing Princess Peach :peach: (peach) :Peach: (Peach)
Peach with Umbrella Peach with Umbrella :peach2: (peach2) :Peach2: (Peach2)
Sad Princess Peach Sad Princess Peach :peach3: (peach3) :Peach3: (Peach3)
Peach Peach :peach4: (peach4) :Peach4: (Peach4)
Wario Wario :wario: (wario) :Wario: (Wario)
Victorious Wario Victorious Wario :vwario: (vwario)
Wario Working Out Wario Working Out :workout: (workout) :Workout: (Workout)
Weight Lifting Weight Lifting :lift: (lift) :Lift: (Lift)
Wario Flexing Wario Flexing :flex: (flex) :Flex: (Flex)
Climbing Wario Climbing Wario :cwario: (cwario)
Big Headed Wario Big Headed Wario :bighead: (bighead)
Toad Intensifies Toad Intensifies :toad: (toad) :Toad: (Toad) :toadintensifies: (toadintensifies)
Dr. Mario Dr. Mario :dr: (dr) :Dr: (Dr) :drmario: (drmario)
Flower Flower :smile: (smile) :Smile: (Smile) :Flower: :flower: (Flower) (flower)
Fire Flower Fire Flower :fireflower: (fireflower) :Fireflower: (Fireflower) (FireFlower) :FireFlower)
Pyro Pyro :pyro: (pyro) :Pyro)
King Boo King Boo :kingboo: (kingboo)
King Boo King Boo :kingboo2: (kingboo2)
Boo Boo :boo: (boo) :Boo: (Boo)
Boo Boo :boo2: (boo2) :Boo2: (Boo2)
Boo 16 bit Boo 16 bit :boo16: (boo16) :Boo16: (Boo16)
Lady Bow Lady Bow :ladybow: (ladybow) :LadyBow: (LadyBow)
Ghost Ghost :anighost: (anighost)
Geno nodding Geno nodding :geno: (geno) :Geno: (Geno)
Rosalina Rosalina :rosalina: (rosalina) :Rosalina: (Rosalina)
Luma Luma :luma: (luma) :Luma: (Luma)
Thwomp Thwomp :thwomp: (thwomp) (soangry) (Thwomp) :Thwomp: (Soangry) (SoAngry) :SoAngry: :Soangry:
Piranha Plant Piranha Plant :piranha: (piranha) :Piranha: (Piranha)
Piranha 2 Piranha 2 :piranha2: :Piranha2: (piranha2) (Piranha2)
Shell Shell :shell: (shell) (Shell) :Shell:
Para Koopa Para Koopa :para: (para) (Para) :Para:
Dizzy Shyguy Dizzy Shyguy :dizzy: :Dizzy: (dizzy) (Dizzy)
Chain Chomp Chain Chomp :chomp: (chomp) (Chomp) :Chomp: (chainchomp) :chainchom:
Chomper Chomper :chomper: (chomper) :Chomper: (Chomper)
Red Virus Red Virus :rvirus: :Rvirus: (rvirus) (Rvirus)
Mallow Mallow :mallow: (mallow) :Mallow: (Mallow)
Angry Booster Angry Booster :booster: :angry: (booster) (angry) (Booster) (Angry)
Paper Mario Fuzzy Paper Mario Fuzzy :fuzzy: (fuzzy) :Fuzzy: (Fuzzy)
Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep :cheep: (cheep) :Cheep: (Cheep)
Kirby Run Kirby Run :kirby: (kirby) :Kirby: (Kirby)
Sleepy Sleepy :sleep: (sleep) :Sleep: (Sleep)
Kirby Mirror Kirby Mirror :kirby2: (kirby2) :Kirby2: (Kirby2)
Hammer Kirby Hammer Kirby :kirby3: (kirby3) :Kirby3: (Kirby3)
Cook Kirby Cook Kirby :kirby4: (kirby4) :Kirby4: (Kirby4)
Flying Kirby Flying Kirby :kirby5: (kirby5) :Kirby5: (Kirby5)
Kirby Kirby :kirby6: (kirby6) :Kirby6: (Kirby6)
Paint Kirby Paint Kirby :kirby7: (kirby7) :Kirby7: (Kirby7)
Samus Kirby Samus Kirby :samuskirby: (samuskirby) :SamusKirby: (SamusKirby)
Kirby Kirby :kirb: (kirb) :Kirb: (Kirb)
Mike Kirby Mike Kirby :mike: (mike) :Mike: (Mike)
Kirby Wheelie Kirby Wheelie :wheelie: (wheelie) :Wheelie: (Wheelie)
Kirby with Music Kirby with Music :music: (music) :Music: (Music)
Kirby Magician Hat Kirby Magician Hat :kirbyhat: (kirbyhat)
Kirby phone Kirby phone :phone: (phone) :Phone: (Phone)
Meta Knight Meta Knight :meta: (meta) :Meta: (Meta)
Meta Knight 2 Meta Knight 2 :meta2: (meta2) :Meta2: (Meta2)
Meta Knight Meta Knight :meta3: :metaknight: (metaknight) :MetaKnight: (MetaKnight)
Panicked Dedede Panicked Dedede :O_0: :shock: :Shock: (shock) (Shock)
King Dedede King Dedede :dedede: (dedede) :Dedede: (Dedede)
Smol Dedede Smol Dedede :smoldedede: (smoldedede)
Galactic Knight Galactic Knight :gk: (gk) :GK: (GK) :galactic: (galactic) :Galactic: (Galactic) :gknight: (gknight)
Ashmad Ashmad :ashmad:
Ashmad2 Ashmad2 :ashmad2:
Mallow Mallow :mao:
Pikachu Sleeping Pikachu Sleeping :sleep2: (sleep2) (Sleep2) :Sleep2:
Pikachu Pikachu :pikachu: (pikachu) :Pikachu: (Pikachu)
Charizard Charizard :zard: (zard) :charizard: (charizard) :Charizard: (Charizard)
Mewtwo Mewtwo :mewtwo: (mewtwo) :Mewtwo: (Mewtwo)
Mewtwo Mewtwo :mew2: (mew2) :Mew2: (Mew2)
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff :jiggly: (jiggly) :Jiggly: (Jiggly)
Gengar Gengar :gengar: (gengar) (Gengar) :Gengar: (tongue) :tongue: (Tongue) :Tongue:
Lucario Lucario :lucario: (lucario) :Lucario: (Lucario)
Zubat Zubat :[ :zubat: (zubat) :Zubat: (Zubat)
Mew Mew :mew: (mew) :Mew: (Mew)
Slowpoke Slowpoke :slow: (slow) (Slow) :Slow: :slowpoke :Slowpoke: (slowpoke) (Slowpoke)
Greninja Greninja :greninja: (greninja) :Greninja: (Greninja)
Greninja Greninja (gre) :gre: (Gre) :Gre)
Voltorb Doduo Voltorb Doduo :dorb: (dorb) (Dorb) :Dorb:
Donkey Kong Dance Donkey Kong Dance :dkdance: (dkdance) (DKdance) :DKdance: (donkeykongdance) :donkeykongdance:
DK Thumbs Up DK Thumbs Up :up: (Up) :Up: (up)
Confused Kong Confused Kong :?: (confused3) (?) :confsued3: (Confused3) :Confused3:
Disappointed DK Disappointed DK :shame: (shame) :Shame: (Shame)
Donkey Kong shocked Donkey Kong shocked :omg: (omg) :OMG: (OMG)
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong :kong: (kong) :Kong: (Kong)
Mad Diddy Mad Diddy :@: (@) :maddiddy: (maddiddy) :MadDiddy: (MadDiddy)
Confused Diddy Confused Diddy (confused) (Confused) :confused: :Confused:
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong :diddy: (diddy) :Diddy: (Diddy)
Dixie Kong Upset Dixie Kong Upset :upset: (upset) :Upset: (Upset)
Cranky Complaining Cranky Complaining :complain: (complain) :Complain: (Complain)
Link Link :link: :Link: (link) (win) (Link) (LINK)
Tired Link Tired Link :tired: (tired) :Tired: (Tired) :tiredlink: (tiredlink)
Link Link :raise: (raise) :Raise: (Raise)
Link Link :link2: (link2) :Link2: (Link2)
Link Link :Link3: (link3) (Link3) :link3:
Toon Link Toon Link :toon: (toon) :Toon: (Toon)
Shadow Link Shadow Link :slink: (slink) :Slink: (Slink)
Ganondorf Ganondorf :ganondorf: (ganondorf) :Ganondorf: (Ganondorf)
Ganondorf Killed Ganondorf Killed :ganon: (ganon) :Ganon: (Ganon)
Ganondorf Ganondorf :gdorf: (gdorf) (Gdorf) :Gdorf)
Twilight Princess Zelda Twilight Princess Zelda :tpzelda: (tpzelda)
Zelda Zelda :zelda2: (zelda2) :Zelda2: (Zelda2)
Zelda Zelda :zelda: (zelda) :Zelda: (Zelda)
Majora's Mask Majora's Mask :majora: (majora) :Majora: (Majora)
Shiek Shiek :shiek: (shiek) :Shiek: (Shiek)
Deku Deku :deku: (deku)
Navi Navi :navi: (navi) (Naggie) :Naggie: (naggie) :naggie: (Naggi) :Naggi: (Naggy) :Naggy: (naggy) :naggy:
Cucco Cucco :cucoo: (cucco) (chicken) (Cucco) (Chicken)
Samus Helmet Samus Helmet :samus2: (samus2) (Samus2) :Samus2:
Samus Run Samus Run :samus: (samus) (Samus) :Samus:
Zero Suit Samus Zero Suit Samus :zs: (zs) :ZS: (ZS)
Smol Ridley Smol Ridley :smolridley: (smolridley)
Dachora Dachora :dachora: :Dachora: (dachora) (Dachora)
Fox with Coffee Fox with Coffee :fox: (fox) :Fox: (Fox)
Fox Fox :fox2: (fox2) :Fox2: (Fox2)
Falco Falco :falc: (falc) :Falc: (Falc)
Falco Falco :falco: :Falco: (falco) (Falco)
Falco Falco :falco2: (falco2)
Marth Marth :marth: (marth) :Marth: (Marth)
Ike Ike :ike: (ike) :Ike: (Ike)
Male Robin Male Robin :mrobin: (mrobin) :MRobin: (MRobin)
Female Robin Female Robin :frobin: (frobin) :FRobin: (FRobin)
Lucina Lucina :lucina: (lucina) :Lucina: (Lucina)
Abel Abel :abel: (abel) :Abel: (Abel)
Cain Cain :cain: (cain) :Cain: (Cain)
Sakura Sakura :sakura: (sakura) :Sakura: (Sakura)
Cherche Cherche :cherche: (cherche) :Cherche: (Cherche)
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon :cf: (cf) :CF: (CF) :captainfalcon: (captainfalcon)
Olimar Olimar :Olimar: (Olimar) :olimar: (olimar)
Yellow Pikmin Yellow Pikmin :pikminy: :PikminY: (pikminy) (PikminY) (yellowpikmin)
Purple Pikmin Purple Pikmin :pikminp: (pikminp) (Pikminp) :Pikminp:
Master Hand Master Hand :hand: (hand) :Hand: (Hand)
Villager Villager :villager: (villager) :Villager: (Villager)
Duck Hunt Dog Laughing Duck Hunt Dog Laughing :lol: (hehe) (lol) :hehe: (Lol) (Hehe) :Hehe: :Lol:
Duck Hunt Dog Duck Hunt Dog :duckhunt: (duckhunt) :Duckhunt: (Duckhunt)
Duck Duck :duck: (duck) :Duck: (Duck)
Ness face Ness face :ness2: (Ness2) :Ness2: (ness2)
Ness Ness :ness: (ness) (peace) :peace: (Ness) (NESS)
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Trainer :fit: (fit) :Fit: (Fit)
Shulk Shulk :shulk: (shulk) :Shulk: (Shulk)
Riki Riki :riki: :Riki: (riki) (Riki)
Little Mac Little Mac :mac: (mac) :Mac: (Mac)
Pit Pit :pit: (pit) :Pit: (Pit)
Dark Pit Dark Pit :dpit: (dpit) :darkpit: (darkpit)
Palutena Palutena :palutena: (palutena) :Palutena: (Palutena)
Game & Watch Game & Watch :gw2: (gw2) :GW2: (GW2)
Mr Game and Watch Mr Game and Watch :gw: (gamewatch) :Gamewatch: (GW)
Rob Rob :rob: (rob) :Rob: (Rob)
Megaman Megaman :megaman: (megaman) (Megaman) :Megaman:
Megman Megman :megaman2: (megaman2) (Megaman2) :Megaman2:
Megaman Megaman :megaman3: (megaman3) :Megaman3: (Megaman3)
Megaman Megaman :megaman4: (megaman4) :Megaman4: (Megaman4)
Megaman Derp Face Megaman Derp Face :derp: (derp) :Derp: (Derp)
Zero Running Zero Running :zero2: (zero2) :Zero2: (Zero2)
Zero Slash Zero Slash :zeros: (zeros) (zeroslash) :zeroslash: (Zeros) :Zeros:
Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Man :pharaoh: (Pharaoh) :Pharaoh: (pharaoh)
Flash Man Flash Man :flashman: (flashman) :Flashman: (Flashman)
Quick Run Quick Run :quickrun: (quickrun)
Wire Sponge Wire Sponge :sponge: (sponge) :Sponge: (Sponge)
Lucio Embarrassed Lucio Embarrassed :lucoops:
Lucio Happy Lucio Happy :luchappy:
Lucio Mad Lucio Mad :lucmad:
Lucio Cool Lucio Cool :luccool: (luccool)
Lucio Laugh Lucio Laugh :luclaugh: (luclaugh)
Lucio Love Lucio Love :luclove: (luclove)
Lucio Surprise Lucio Surprise :lucsurprise: (lucsurprise)
Lucio Frown Lucio Frown :lucfrown: (lucfrown)
Lucio Tongue Lucio Tongue :luctongue: (luctongue)
Lucio Frown Lucio Frown :lucfrown: (lucfrown)
Tracer Frown Tracer Frown :tracfrown: (tracfrown)
Tracer Surprise Tracer Surprise :tracsuprise: (tracsurprise)
Tracer Mad Tracer Mad :tracmad: (tracmad)
Tracer Cool Tracer Cool :traccool: (traccool)
Tracer Oops Tracer Oops :tracoops: (tracoops)
Tracer Happy Tracer Happy :trachappy: (trachappy)
Tracer Love Tracer Love :traclove: (traclove)
Tracer Laugh Tracer Laugh :traclaugh: (traclaugh)
Tracer Frown Tracer Frown :tracfrown: (tracfrown)
Tracer Tongue Tracer Tongue :tractongue: (tractongue)
Genji Mad Genji Mad :genjimad: (genjimad)
Genji Cool Genji Cool :genjicool: (genjicool)
Genji Oops Genji Oops :genjioops: (genjioops)
Genji Happy Genji Happy :genjihappy: (genjihappy)
Genji Love Genji Love :genjilove: (genjilove)
Genji Laugh Genji Laugh :genjilaugh: (genjilaugh)
Genji Frown Genji Frown :genjifrown: (genjifrown)
Genji Tongue Genji Tongue :genjitongue: (genjitongue)
Genji Really Genji Really :genjireally: (genjireally)
Genji Surprise Genji Surprise :genjisurprise: (genjusurprise:
D.Va Mad D.Va Mad :dvamad: (dvamad)
D.Va Cool D.Va Cool :dvacool: (dvacool)
D.Va Oops D.Va Oops :dvaoops: (dvaoops)
D.Va Happy D.Va Happy :dvahappy: (dvahappy)
D.Va Love D.Va Love :dvalove: (dvalove)
D.Va Laugh D.Va Laugh :dvalaugh: (dvalaugh)
D.Va Tongue D.Va Tongue :dvatongue: (dvatongue)
D.Va Frown D.Va Frown :dvafrown: (dvafrown)
D.Va Really D.Va Really :dvareally: (dvareally)
D.Va Surprise D.Va Surprise :dvasurprise: (dvasurprise)
Meispray Meispray :meispray:
Mercy Mercy :mercy:
Overwatchgirl Overwatchgirl :overwatchgirl:
Dva in love Dva in love :dvalove2: :dva: :dva1:
Dva afraid Dva afraid :dvaafraid: :dva2:
Dva Smug Dva Smug :dvasmug: :dva3:
Dva unamused Dva unamused :dvaunamused: :dva4:
Dva zoned out Dva zoned out :dvazone: :dva5:
Mercy prepared Mercy prepared :mercyprep: :MercyPrep:
Mercy Smug Mercy Smug :mercysmug: :MercySmug: :mercy2:
Very Sad Mercy Very Sad Mercy :mercyvsad: :mercyverysad: :mercy3:
Depressed Mercy Depressed Mercy :mercygloom: :MercyGloom: :mercy4:
Embarrassed Mercy Embarrassed Mercy :mercyoops: :MercyOops: :mercy5:
Mercy Fierce Mercy Fierce :mercyfierce: :Mercy6:
Sad Mercy Sad Mercy :mercysad: :MercySad: :mercy7:
Junkrat Junkrat :junkrat: :junkrat1:
Junkrat in love Junkrat in love :junkratlove: :junkrat2:
Junkrat enraged Junkrat enraged :junkratrage: :junkrat3:
Junkrat Mad Junkrat Mad :junkratmad: :junkrat4:
Junkrat happy Junkrat happy :junkrathappy: :junkrat5:
Lucio Lucio :lucio: :lucio1:
Lucio Surprised Lucio Surprised :luciosurprise: :lucio2:
Lucio Sad Lucio Sad :luciosad: :lucio3:
Lucio Grossed out Lucio Grossed out :luciogross: :lucio4:
Lucio Happy Lucio Happy :luciohappy: :lucio5:
Mei Mei :mei: :mei1:
Mei mad Mei mad :meimad: :mei2:
Mei Rage Mei Rage :meirage: :mei3:
Grumpy Mei Grumpy Mei :meigrumpy: :mei4:
Mei Cool Mei Cool :meicool: :MeiCool: :mei5:
Smol Mercy Smol Mercy :smolmercy60: (smolmercy60)
Pharah Pharah :pharah: :Pharah:
Sad Tracer Sad Tracer :tracersad: (TracerSad) :TracerSad:
Tracer Tracer :tracer: (tracer) :Tracer: (Tracer)
Widow Widow :widow: :Widow:
Widow Aim Widow Aim :widowaim: :WidowAim:
Rock hand HOTs Rock hand HOTs :rock:
Fingers Crossed HOTs Fingers Crossed HOTs :fingerscrossed:
Zerg hand HOTs Zerg hand HOTs :zerg:
Tauren HOTs Tauren HOTs :tauren:
Hang Loose HOTs Hang Loose HOTs :hangloose:
Flexing HOTs Flexing HOTs :flexing:
Fist Bump HOTs Fist Bump HOTs :fistbump:
Scissors Scissors :scissors:
Point HOTs Point HOTs :point:
Handshake HOTs Handshake HOTs :handshake:
Smolmercy Smolmercy :smolmercy:
Byakuya Byakuya :byakuya:
Celeste Celeste :celeste:
Chiaki Chiaki :chiaki:
Hina Hina :hina:
Ibuki Ibuki :ibuki:
Mahiru Mahiru :mahiru:
Mikan Mikan :mikan:
Monokuma Monokuma :monokuma:
Toko Toko :toko: (toko)
11037 11037 :11037: (11037)
Master Chief Master Chief :MC: (MC) :mc:
Pacman Pacman :pm: (pm) :PM: (PM
Pacman Red Ghost Pacman Red Ghost :rghost: (rghost)
Cloud Cloud :cloud: (cloud) :Cloud: (Cloud)
Cindy Cindy :cindy: (cindy) :Cindy: (Cindy)
Mog Final Fantasy 6 Mog Final Fantasy 6 :mog: (mog) :Mog: (Mog)
Kefka Laugh Kefka Laugh :kefka: (kefka) :Kefka: (Kefka)
Black Mage Black Mage :mage: (mage) :Mage: (Mage)
Cactuar Cactuar :cactuar: (cactuar) :Cactuar: (Cactuar)
chocobo chocobo :chocobo: (Chocobo) (chocobo) (CHOCOBO) :Chocobo: :CHOCOBO:
Sword Sword :sword: (sword) :Sword: (Sword)
Ton Berry Ton Berry :ton: (ton) :Ton: (Ton)
Snake Snake :snake: (snake) :Snake: (Snake)
Snake Snake :snake2: (snake2)
Otacon Thumbs Up Otacon Thumbs Up :y3: :Y3: (y3) (Y3)
Otacon Laughing Otacon Laughing :haha: (Haha) (haha) :Haha: :Otacon: (Otacon) :otacon: (otacon)
Big Daddy Big Daddy :bigdaddy: (bigdaddy)
Ryu Ryu :ryu: (Ryu) (RYU) (ryu) :Ryu: :RYU:
Ken Win Ken Win :ken: (ken) (Ken) :Ken:
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight :shovel: :celebrate: (celebrate) :Shovel: (Shovel) (shovel) (Celebrate)
Shield Dance Shield Dance :shield: (shield) :Shield: (Shield) (ShieldDance) (shielddance) :shielddance: :ShieldDance:
Bomberman dance Bomberman dance :bombdance: (bombdance) :Bombdance: (Bombdance) (BombDance) :BombDance:
Rayman taunting Rayman taunting :taunt: (taunt) :Taunt: (Taunt)
Rayman's Sad Walk Rayman's Sad Walk :sad: (sad) :Sad: (Sad)
Rayman Rayman :rayman: (rayman) :Rayman: (Rayman)
Mr Dark Mr Dark :dark: (dark) :Dark: (Dark)
Jax Mortal Kombat Jax Mortal Kombat :jax: (mkjax) (jax) (MKJax) :mkjax: (Jax) :Jax)
Kung Lao Mortal Kombat Kung Lao Mortal Kombat :mklao: (mklao) (MKLao) :MKLao: (kunglao) :kunglao)
Reptile Mortal Kombat Reptile Mortal Kombat :reptile: (MKReptile) :MKReptile: (Reptile) :Reptile: (reptile) (mkreptile) :mkreptile:
Sora Sora :sora: (sora) :Sora: (Sora)
Sora 2 Sora 2 :sora2: (sora2) (Sora2) :Sora2:
Marluxia Marluxia :marluxia: (marluxia) :Marluxia: (Marluxia)
Sackboy Sackboy :sackboy: (sackboy) :Sackboy: (Sackboy)
Emil Emil :emil: (emil) (Emil) :Emil:
Arthur Arthur :arthur: (arthur)
Temmie Temmie :temmie:
Spawn Spawn :spawn: :Spawn: (spawn) (Spawn)
Crash Bandicoot WOAH Crash Bandicoot WOAH :woah: (woah)
Crash dance Crash dance :crash: (crash) (Crash) :Crash:
Super Meat Boy Super Meat Boy :meatboy: (meatboy) (Meatboy) :Meatboy)
Papyrus Papyrus :papyrus: (papyrus) (Papyrus) :Papyrus:
Burgerpants Burgerpants :bpants1: :Bpants1: (bpants1) (Bpants1)
Burgerpants 2 Burgerpants 2 :bpants2: (bpants2) :Bpants2: (Bpants2)
Burgerpants 3 Burgerpants 3 :bpants3: (bpants3) :Bpants3: (Bpants3)
Momiji Momiji :Momiji: :momiji: (Momiji) (momiji)
Prinny Victory Prinny Victory :victory: (victory) :Victory: (Victory)
Prinny Shocked Prinny Shocked :shocked: (shocked) :Shocked: (Shocked)
Ludger Ludger :ludger: (ludger) :Ludger: (Ludger)
Nepu Nepu :nepu: (nepu)
Duke profanity Duke profanity :dukecurse: (dukecurse)
Duke f*** Duke f*** :dukef***:
Metal Slug Blast Metal Slug Blast :blast: :Blast: (blast) (Blast)
Kratos 2 Kratos 2 :kratos2: (kratos2) :Kratos2: (Kratos2)
Kratos Kratos :kratos: (kratos) :Kratos: (Kratos)
Zeus Beard Zeus Beard :zeus: (zeus) :Zeus: (Zeus)
Dragon's Quest Slime Dragon's Quest Slime :slime: (slime) :Slime: (Slime)
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe :joe2: (joe2) :Joe2: (Joe2)
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe :joe: :Joe: (joe) (Joe)
Marle laugh Marle laugh :laugh: (laugh) (Laugh) :Laugh:
Happy Marle Happy Marle :woop: (woop) :Woop: (Woop)
Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph :wreck: (wreck) :ralph: (ralph) :Wreck: (Wreck) :Ralph: (Ralph)
Alucard Run Alucard Run :cardrun: (cardrun) :alucardrun: (alucardrun) (Cardrun) :Cardrun:
Alucard Alucard :alucard: :Alucard: (alucard) (Alucard)
Steiner Steiner :steiner: (steiner) :Steiner: (Steiner)
White Flag White Flag :whiteflag: (whiteflag) (Whiteflag) :Whiteflag: :WhiteFlag: (WhiteFlag)
Jumping Worm Jumping Worm :jump: (worm) (jump) :worm: :Worm: (Worm) :Jump:
Bub Jumping Bub Jumping :bub: (bub) :Bub: (Bub)
Bloody Bloody :blood: (blood) :Blood: (Blood) :bloody: (bloody)
Guts Guts :guts: (guts) :Guts: (Guts)
Toejam Toejam :impatient: (impatient) (Impatient) :Impatient: (toejam) (Toejam) :Toejam: :toejam: (ToeJam) :ToeJam:
Muran surprised Muran surprised :muran: (muran) :Muran: (Muran)
Clubbing Clubbing :club: :Club: (club) (Club)
Featuring Dante from Devil May Cry Featuring Dante from Devil May Cry :feature: :Feature:
Gaze Gaze :gaze: (gaze) :Gaze: (Gaze)
Arcade Arcade :arcade: (arcade) (Arcade) (ARCADE) :Arcade: :ARCADE:
Rowen Rowen :rowen: (rowen)
Funyarinpa Funyarinpa :funyarinpa: (funyarinpa)
Sonic Sonic :sonic: (sonic) :Sonic: (Sonic) (SONIC) :run: (run)
Sonic Peace Sonic Peace :sonicp: (sonicp)
Impatient Sonic Impatient Sonic :waiting: (waiting) :Waiting: (Waiting)
Sonic head Sonic head :sonic2: (sonic2) :Sonic2: (Sonic2)
Bored / Yawning Tails Bored / Yawning Tails :bored: (bored) :Bored: (Bored)
Cross Knuckles Cross Knuckles :cross: (cross) :Cross: (Cross)
And Knuckles And Knuckles :knuckles: :Knuckles: (knuckles)
Shadow Shadow :shadow: (shadow) (Shadow) :Shadow:
Shadow Shadow :shadow2: (shadow2) :Shadow2: (Shadow2)
Shadow Shadow :shadow3: (shadow3) :Shadow3: (Shadow3)
Eggman Robot Eggman Robot :%D :eggmanrobot:
Eggman Eggman :eggman: (eggman) :Eggman: (Eggman) :pingas: (pingas)
Blonic Blonic :blonic: (blonic) :Blonic: (Blonic)
Blails Blails :blails: (blails) :Blails: (Blails)
Actual Knuckles Actual Knuckles :bluckles: :Bluckles: (Bluckles) (bluckles) :actualknuckles: :ActualKnuckles: (actualknuckles) (ActualKnuckles)
Flying Smol Nozomi Flying Smol Nozomi :flyingnozomi: (flyingnozomi)
Smug Maki Smug Maki :smugmaki: (smugmaki)
Mind Blown Mind Blown :mindblown:
Hakase Disbelief Hakase Disbelief :disbelief: (disbelief) :Disbelief: (Disbelief)
Kyon facepalm Kyon facepalm :kyonpalm: :Kyonpalm: (kyonpalm) (Kyonpalm)
Mugi Kotobuki Mugi Kotobuki :msmug: (msmug) :Msmug: (Msmug) :MugiSmug: :mugi: (mugi)
Yui Hirasawa Yui Hirasawa :teehee: (teehee) :Teehee: (Teehee)
Ritsu Tainaka Ritsu Tainaka :cock: (cock) :ritsu: (ritsu)
Hestia Hestia :hsmug: :Hsmug: (Hsmug) (hsmug) :HestiaSmug:
Kyoko Toshino Smug Hood Kyoko Toshino Smug Hood :ktsmug: :KTsmug: (ktsmug) (KTsmug)
Satania Satania :satania: (satania)
Lancer Smug Lancer Smug :lsmug: :Lsmug: (Lsmug) (lsmug) :LancerSmug:
Mayoi Hachikuji Smug Mayoi Hachikuji Smug :mhsmug: :MHsmug: (mhsmug) (MHsmug) :HachikujiSmug:
Koyomi Araragi Koyomi Araragi :koyomishock: (koyomishock)
Lain Iwakura Lain Iwakura :sadbear: (sadbear) :lain: (Lain)
Misaki Nakahara Misaki Nakahara :misakiblush: (misakiblush)
Poi Poi :poi: :Poi: (Poi: (poi)
Saber Saber :saber: (saber)
Saber Saber :saber2: (saber2)
Saber Saber :saberpout: (saberpout)
Saitama Saitama :saitama: (saitama) :Saitama: (Saitama)
Saitama 2 Saitama 2 :saitama2: (saitama2) :Saitama2: (Saitama2)
Shinobu Oshino Smug Shinobu Oshino Smug :ssmug: :Ssmug: (ssmug) (Ssmug) :ShinobuSmug:
Smug Anime Smug Anime :asmug: (asmug) :Asmug: (Asmug)
Smug Kyoko Toshino Smug Kyoko Toshino :ksmug: (ksmug) :Ksmug: (Ksmug)
Tomoko Kuroki Smug Tomoko Kuroki Smug :tsmug: (tsmug) :Tsmug: (Tsmug) :Tomoko: :Tomokosmug:
Gankyou Kurubiyutei Gankyou Kurubiyutei :gankyou: (gankyou) :gankyo: (gankyo)
Kukuru Anrakutei Kukuru Anrakutei :kukuru: (kukuru)
Marii Buratei Marii Buratei :marii: (marii)
Ryuko Matoi Ryuko Matoi :matoi: (matoi) :ryuko: (ryuko)
Chitoge Kirisaki's Shrug Chitoge Kirisaki's Shrug :cshrug: (cshrug) :Cshrug: (Cshrug) :whowouldathunkit:
Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya :hunamused: (Hunamused) :hUnamused: (HUnamused)
Kirino Kousaka 2 Kirino Kousaka 2 :kk2smug: :Incest2: (Incest2) :incest2:
Kirino Kousaka Kirino Kousaka :kksmug: :KKsmug: :incest: (incest) :Incest: (Incest)
Kuroneko Kuroneko :kuronekoshock: (kuronekoshock)
Kirito Kirito :kiritoquality: (kiritoquality)
Lelouch Lamperouge Lelouch Lamperouge :lelouchshock: (lelouchshock)
Chopper Chopper :chopper: (chopper)
Luffy Luffy :luffydisgust: (luffydisgust)
Chitanda Eru incredulous Chitanda Eru incredulous :really: (really) :Really: (Really) :wowreally:
Potato Peel Potato Peel :potatopeel: (potatopeel)
Rock Lee Rock Lee :rockleecry: :rocklee: (rockleecry) (rocklee)
Joey Wheeler Joey Wheeler :joeysuccess: (joeysuccess)
Ed Ed :ed: :Ed: (Ed)
Mio Naganohara Mio Naganohara :mioangry: (mioangry)
Maki Nishikino Happy Maki Nishikino Happy :maki: :Maki: (maki) (Maki)
Maki Nishikino Angry Maki Nishikino Angry :maki2: :Maki2: (maki2) (Maki2)
Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino :maki3: :Maki3: (maki3) (Maki3)
Maki Nishikino Annoyed Maki Nishikino Annoyed :maki4: :Maki4: (maki4) (Maki4)
Maki Nishikino Tired Maki Nishikino Tired :maki5: :Maki5: (maki5) (Maki5)
Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino :maki6: :Maki6: (maki6) (Maki6)
Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino :maki7: :Maki7: (maki7) (Maki7)
Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino :maki8: :Maki8: (maki8) (Maki8)
Maki Nishikino Maki Nishikino :maki9: :Maki9: (maki9) (Maki9)
Maki Maki :maki10: (maki10)
Nico Yazawa Nico Yazawa :nico: :niconiconii: (nico) (niconiconii)
Smoleli Smoleli :smoleli:
Smolhonoka Smolhonoka :smolhonoka:
Smolmaki Smolmaki :smolmaki:
Smolmari Smolmari :smolmari:
Smolnico Smolnico :smolnico:
Smolnozomi Smolnozomi :smolnozomi:
Smol Nozomi Sad Smol Nozomi Sad :smolnozomisad: (smolnozomisad)
Smolrin Smolrin :smolrin:
Smolumi Smolumi :smolumi:
Smol Hanayo Smol Hanayo :smolhanayo: (smolhanayo)
Smolumi2 Smolumi2 :smolumi2:
Smol Kotori Smol Kotori :smolkotori:
Smoltito Smoltito :smoltito:
Smol Hanayo Smol Hanayo :smolhanayo60: (smolhanayo60)
Smol Maki Smol Maki :smolmaki60: (smolmaki60)
Smol Honoka Smol Honoka :smolhonoka60: (smolhonoka60)
Smol Kotori Smol Kotori :smolkotori60: (smolkotori60)
Smol Umi Smol Umi :smolumi60: (smolumi60)
Smol Umi 2 Smol Umi 2 :smolumi260: (smolumi260)
Smol Eli Smol Eli :smoleli60: (smoleli60)
Smol Nozoomy Smol Nozoomy :smolnozoomy60: (smolnozoomy60)
Smol Nozoomu Smol Nozoomu :smolnozoomu60: (smolnozoomu60)
Smol Nico Smol Nico :smolnico60: (smolnico60)
Smol Mari Smol Mari :smolmari60: (smolmari60)
Smol Dick Smol Dick :smoldick60: (smoldick60)
Rintarou Okabe Rintarou Okabe :okabe: (Okabe) :Okabe:
Kurisu Makise Kurisu Makise :makise: (makise) :Makise: (Makise)
Moeka Kiryƫ Moeka Kiryƫ :kiryu: :Kiryu: (Kiryu) (kiryu)
Ruka Urushibara Ruka Urushibara :ruka: (ruka) :Ruka: (Ruka)
Mayuri Shiina Mayuri Shiina :shiina: :Shiina: (shiina) (Shiina)
Faris Nyannyan Faris Nyannyan :faris: :Faris: (faris) (Faris)
Itaru Hashida Itaru Hashida :daru: :Daru: (daru) (Daru) :itaru: :Itaru: (itaru) (Itaru)
Suzuha Amane Suzuha Amane :amane: (amane) :Amane: (Amane)
Leskinen Leskinen :leskinen: (leskinen)
Beerus Beerus :quality: (quality) :beerus: (beerus)
Majin Buu Nose Majin Buu Nose :buu: (buu) :Buu: (Buu)
Joseph Joestar Joseph Joestar :ohno: :OhNo: (ohno) (OhNo)
Dio Brando Dio Brando :dio: :Dio: (dio) (Dio)
Jonathan Joestar Jonathan Joestar :jojo: :JoJo: (jojo) (JoJo) :Jojo:
Old Joseph Joestar Old Joseph Joestar :oldjojo: :OldJoJo: (oldjojo) (OldJoJo) :Oldjojo: (Oldjojo)
Ryumako >_< Ryumako >_< >_< :ryumako: (ryumako) :Ryumako: (Ryumako)
Nonon Nonon :nonon: :Nonon: (Nonon) (nonon)
Nonon Smug Nonon Smug :nononsmug: (nononsmug)
Yuno Yuno :yuno: (yuno) :Yuno: (Yuno)
Naotsugu Naotsugu :Naotsugu: (Naotsugu) :naotsugu: (naotsugu)
Yoko Yoko :yoko: (yoko) :Yoko: (Yoko)
Shiroe Shiroe :shiroe: (shiroe) :Shiroe: (Shiroe)
Rin Rin :rin: (rin) :Rin: (Rin)
nhk nhk :nhk: (nhk) (NHK) :NHK:
Inuyasha Inuyasha :inuyasha: (inuyasha)
Anime Anime :anime: (anime) :Anime: (Anime)
Mako Mako :Mako: (Mako) :mako: (mako)
Big O Blast Big O Blast :bigoblast: (bigoblast)
The Big O The Big O :bigo: (bigo) (BigO) :BigO:
Anime Loop Anime Loop :loop: (loop) :Loop: (Loop)
Gin Gin :gin: (gin) :Gin: (Gin)
Megamilk Megamilk :megamilk: (megamilk)
Atsushi Nakajima Bungou Stray Dogs Atsushi Nakajima Bungou Stray Dogs :atsushi: :Atsushi:
Emilia from Re:Zero Emilia from Re:Zero :emilia: :Emilia:
Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia :izuku: :Izuku:
Minoru Mineta from My Hero Academia Minoru Mineta from My Hero Academia :mineta: :Mineta:
Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan :umaru: :Umaru:
Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress :mumei: :Mumei:
Girl Cat Girl Cat :girlcat: (girlcat) :GirlCat: (GirlCat)
Hermit Hermit :catrunning: :hermit: (catrunning) (hermit)
Kuwabara Kuwabara :kuwabara: (kuwabara)
Akatsuki Akatsuki :akatsukibored: (akatsukibored)
Akatsuki Akatsuki :akatsukishock: (akatsukishock)
Ohayou Ohayou :ohayou: :ohio: (ohayou) (ohio)
Lewd Lewd :lewd: :Lewd:
Weeb Weeb :weeb: (weeb)
Akira Akira :akira:
Kawakami Kawakami :kawakami:
Ryuji Sakamoto Ryuji Sakamoto :ryuji: (ryuji)
Pancakes Pancakes :pancakes: (pancakes)
Mona Mona :mona: (mona)
teddie teddie :teddie: (teddie)
Matador Matador :matador: (matador)
Black Frost Black Frost :blackfrost: (blackfrost)
Demi Fiend Demi Fiend :demifiend: (demifiend)
Shiva Shiva :shiva: (shiva)
Jeanne D'Arc Jeanne D'Arc :jeanne: (jeanne)
Lucifer Lucifer :lucifer: (lucifer)
Mara Mara :mara: (mara)
Mot Mot :mot: (mot)
Pixie Pixie :pixie: (pixie)
Yoshitsune Yoshitsune :yoshitsune: (yoshitsune)
Alice Alice :alice: (alice)
Yosuke Yosuke :yosuke: (yosuke)
Kanji Kanji :kanji: (kanji)
Dojima Dojima :dojima: (dojima)
Adachi Adachi :adachi: (adachi)
Matador Matador :matador2: (matador2)
Android Android :android: (android)
Angry2 Angry2 :angry2: (angry2)
Astronaut Astronaut :astronaut: (astronaut)
BabyBoy BabyBoy :babyboy: (babyboy)
BabyGirl BabyGirl :babygirl: (babygirl)
Barefoot2 Barefoot2 :barefoot2: (barefoot2)
Bawling Bawling :bawling: (bawling)
Bear Bear :bear: (bear)
Beaver Beaver :beaver: (beaver)
Big Smile Big Smile :bigsmile: (bigsmile)
Penguin Penguin :penguin: :Penguin: (penguin) (Penguin) :blackbird: (blackbird)
Black Alien Black Alien :blackalien: (blackalien)
Black Eye Black Eye :blackeye: (blackeye)
Bored Bored :bored2: (bored2)
BRB BRB :brb: (brb)
Bucktooth Bucktooth :bucktooth: (bucktooth) (:B)
Camera Camera :camera: (camera)
Cat Cat :cat: (cat) :Cat: (Cat)
Can't Say Can't Say :x :cantsay: (cantsay)
Chicken2 Chicken2 :chicken2: (chicken2)
Cigar Cigar :cigar: (cigar)
Clown Clown :clown: (clown)
Cold Cold :cold: (cold)
Content Content :content: (content)
Couch Potato Couch Potato :couchpotato: (couchpotato)
Cow Cow :cow: (cow)
Crazy Crazy :crazy: (crazy)
Crybaby Crybaby :crybaby: (crybaby)
Cuddle Cuddle :cuddle: (cuddle)
Cyborg Cyborg :cyborg: (cyborg)
Cyclops Cyclops :cyclops: (cyclops)
Dead Dead :dead: (dead)
Depressed Depressed :sick2: (sick2) :depressed: (depressed)
Dr Mask Dr Mask :drmask: (drmask)
Drown Drown :drown: (drown)
Egg on Face Egg on Face :egged: (egged)
Facepalm Facepalm :facepalm: :Facepalm: (facepalm) (Facepalm)
Facewall Facewall :facewall: (facewall)
Flip Flip :flip: (flip)
Ghoul Ghoul :ghoul: (ghoul)
Glee Glee :glee: (glee)
Goggles Goggles :goggles: (goggles)
Greedy Greedy :greed: (greed) :dollareyes: (dollareyes)
Grey Alien Grey Alien :greyalien: (greyalien) :grayalien: (grayalien)
Grupmy Grupmy :grumpy: (grumpy) :sick3: (sick3)
Halo Halo :halo: (halo)
Headphones Headphones :headphones: (headphones)
Hide Hide :hide: (hide)
Hockey Mask Hockey Mask :hockeymask: (hockeymask)
Horrified Horrified :horrified: (horrified)
Hungover Hungover :hungover: (hungover)
Hungry Hungry :hungry: (hungry) :yum: (yum)
Irritated Irritated :irritated: (irritated)
Kiss Kiss :kiss: (kiss)
Link Me Link Me :linkme: (linkme) :chain: (chain)
Lock Lock :lock: (lock)
Mask Mask :mask: (mask)
Monocle Monocle :monocle: (monocle)
Nurse Nurse :nurse: (nurse)
Old Man Old Man :oldman: (oldman)
Painter Painter :paint: (paint) :artist: (artist) :Artist: (Artist)
Panda Panda :panda: (panda)
Paperbag Paperbag :bag: (bag) :paperbag: (paperbag)
Peek Peek :peek: (peek)
Picture Picture :picture: (picture)
Pigeon Pigeon :pigeon: (pigeon)
Pirate Pirate :pirate2: (pirate2)
Puke Puke :puke: (puke) :vomit: (vomit)
Rage Rage :rage: (rage)
Read Read :read: (read)
Robot Robot :robot: (robot)
Rofl2 Rofl2 :rofl2: (rofl2) (ROFL2) :ROFL2: :hilarious: (hilarious)
Selfie Selfie :selfie: (selfie)
Shifty Shifty :shifty: (shifty) :>.>: (>.>)
Shocked Shocked :jawdrop: (jawdrop) :shocked2: (shocked2)
Shy and Innocent Shy and Innocent :shy: (shy) :innocent: (innocent)
Sing Sing :sing: (sing)
Smirk Smirk :smirk: (smirk)
Smug Smug :smug: (smug)
Sorry Sorry :sorry: (sorry) :sry: (sry)
Sour Sour :sour: (sour)
Spam Spam :spam: (spam)
Spock Spock :spock: (spock)
Stinky Feet Stinky Feet :stinkyfeet: (stinkyfeet)
Surprised Surprised :woot: (woot) :surprised: (surprised)
Talk To The Hand Talk To The Hand :ttth: (ttth)
Troll Troll :troll: (troll)
Turtle Turtle :turtle: (turtle)
Unamused Unamused =\ :meh: (meh) :unamused: (unamused)
Vampire Vampire :vamp: (vamp) :vampire: (vampire)
Wide Eyed Wide Eyed ::o: (:o)
Wince Wince :inpain: (inpain) :wince: (wince)
Wah Wah :wah: (wah)
Writing Writing :writing: (writing)
Yawn Yawn :yawn: (yawn) :nothanks: (nothanks)
Yuck! Yuck! :yuck: (yuck)
Zombie Zombie :zombie: (zombie)
Shrug Shrug :shrug: :Shrug: (shrug) (Shrug)
Annoyed Annoyed :d: (annoyed) (d) (D) :D: :annoyed: :Annoyed: (Annoyed)
Contemplating Contemplating :hm: (hm) :hmm2: (hmm2)
Tinfoil Tinfoil :tinfoil: (tinfoil)
Donald Trump Donald Trump :trump: (trump) :Trump: (Trump)
Disavow Trump Disavow Trump :disavow:
Haha Trump Haha Trump :hahatrump:
Maga Maga :maga:
Wtf Wtf :wtf:
Love Trump Love Trump :lovetrump:
Smug Trump Smug Trump :smugtrump:
Wall Wall :wall:
Crooked Hillary Crooked Hillary :hillary: :crooked:
Obama Obama :notbad: (notbad) (NotBad) :NotBad: :obama: (obama) :Obama: (Obama)
Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders :sanders:
Btfo Btfo :btfo:
Merkel Merkel :merkel:
Thought Thought :thought:
Gtfo Gtfo :gtfo:
1984 1984 :1984:
Jehuty Jehuty :jehuty: (jehuty) :Jehuty: (Jehuty)
Kamiya Kamiya :kamiya: :Kamiya: (Kamiya) (kamiya)
Gabe Newell Gabe Newell :gabe: :Gabe: (Gabe)
HELLO, MY NAME'S NIIINOOOO HELLO, MY NAME'S NIIINOOOO :gordon: :nino: (gordon) (nino)
Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town :pirate: (pirate) :Pirate: (Pirate)
Eyb0ss Eyb0ss :eyb0ss: (eyb0ss) :Eyb0ss: (Eyb0ss)
Play it Loud Play it Loud :loud: (loud) :playitloud: (playitloud) :Loud: (Loud)
Wow Wow :wow: :Wow:
Extreme Extreme :extreme: (extreme)
Why Why :why: :Why: (Why) (why)
Panic Panic :panic: (panic) :Panic: (Panic)
Healthism Healthism :done: :healthism: (done) (healthism)
Dying Monkey Dying Monkey :dyingmonkey: (dyingmonkey)
Kappa Kappa Kappa :kappa: (kappa) (KAPPA) (Kappa) :Kappa:
Sad Isaac Sad Isaac BibleThump ;_; :isaac: :Isaac: (isaac) (Isaac)
4Head 4Head 4Head :4head: (4head)
Baby Rage Baby Rage BabyRage :babyrage: (babyrage)
Dans Game Dans Game DansGame :dansgame: (dansgame)
FailFish FailFish FailFish :failfish: (failfish)
FrankerZ FrankerZ FrankerZ :frankerz: (frankerz)
GivePLS GivePLS GivePLS :givepls: (givepls)
HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys :heyguys: (heyguys)
Kreygasm Kreygasm KreyGasm :kreygasm: (kreygasm)
NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis :notlikethis: (notlikethis)
PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt :pjsalt: (pjsalt)
ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper :residentsleeper: (residentsleeper)
TriHard TriHard TriHard :trihard: (trihard)
WutFace WutFace WutFace (wutface)
GRAND DAD GRAND DAD :flintstones: (flintstones)
Political Correctnesss Bro Political Correctnesss Bro pcbro :pcbro: (pcbro)
South Park Donald Trump South Park Donald Trump :sptrump: (sptrump) :SPTrump: (SPTrump)
Memberberry Memberberry :member: :Member: :memberberry:
Suicide Suicide :suicide: :Suicide: (suicide) (Suicide)
Batman Batman :bman: (bman) :Bman: (Bman) :batm: (batm) :batman: (batman) :Batman: (Batman)
Batman Beyond Batman Beyond :bb: (bb) :beyond: (beyond)
Thonk Thonk :thonk:
Eggs Eggs :eggs: (Eggs) :Eggs: (eggs)
Heart Heart :heart: (heart) :Heart: (Heart)
Heart Heart :heart2: (heart2) :Heart2: (Heart2)
Irate Irate :irate: :Irate: (irate) (Irate) :temper: :Temper: (temper) (Temper)
Lenny Lenny :lenny: (lenny)
Thumbs up Thumbs up :y: (y) (Y) :Y:
Thumbs down Thumbs down :n: (n) :thumbsdown2: (N) :N:
Backpedal Backpedal :backpedal: :Backpedal:
Blasto Blasto :blasto: (blasto) :Blasto: (Blasto)
Merchant Merchant :merchant: :Merchant: (merchant) (Merchant)
Dancing Alien Dancing Alien :swag: (swag) (ayylmao) :ayylmao:
Dancing alien reversed Dancing alien reversed :swag2: (swag2) (ayylmao2) (Swag2)
Socrates Socrates :socrates: :Socrates: (socrates) (Socrates)
No Fun No Fun :nofun: (nofun) :NoFun: (NoFun) :Nofun: (Nofun)
Mr Skeltal Mr Skeltal :MrSkeltal: :mrskeltal: (MrSkeltal) (mrskeltal)
Hype Hype :hype: (hype) :Hype: (Hype)
Derailed Hype Train Derailed Hype Train :derailed: (derailed) :Derailed: (Derailed)
Pepe Pepe :pepe: :Pepe: (Pepe) (pepe)
Shrek Shrek :shrek: (shrek) :Shrek: (Shrek)
Moonman Moonman :moon: :Moon: (moon) (Moon) :moonman: (moonman) :Moonman: (Moonman)
TF2 Engi TF2 Engi :nope: (nope)
GRAND DAD GRAND DAD :granddad: (granddad)
nice nice :nice: (nice)
dante & knuckles dante & knuckles :danteknuckles: (danteknuckles)
Female identification symbol Female identification symbol :female:
Hit Marker Hit Marker :hitmarker: (hitmarker)
Illuminati Illuminati :illuminati: :Illuminati: (illuminati) (Illuminati)
Gnome Gnome :gnome: (gnome) :Gnome: (Gnome)
Itsjoke 150x39 Itsjoke 150x39 :itsjoke:
Duke Curse 2 Duke Curse 2 :dukecurse2:
Duke Curse 3 Duke Curse 3 :dukecurse3:
Duke Curse 4 Duke Curse 4 :dukecurse4:
Duke Curse 5 Duke Curse 5 :dukecurse5:
Duke Curse 6 Duke Curse 6 :dukecurse6:
Duke Curse 7 Duke Curse 7 :dukecurse7:
Duke Curse 8 Duke Curse 8 :dukecurse8:
Duke Curse 9 Duke Curse 9 :dukecurse9:
Duke Curse 10 Duke Curse 10 :dukecurse10:
Duke Curse 11 Duke Curse 11 :dukecurse11:
Duke Curse 12 Duke Curse 12 :dukecurse12:
Duke Curse 13 Duke Curse 13 :dukecurse13:
Duke Curse 14 Duke Curse 14 :dukecurse14:
Duke Curse 15 Duke Curse 15 :dukecurse15:
Duke Curse 16 Duke Curse 16 :dukecurse16:
Duke Curse 17 Duke Curse 17 :dukecurse17:
Duke Curse 18-22 Duke Curse 18-22 :dukecurse18: :dukecurse19: :dukecurse20: :dukecurse21: :dukecurse22:
Duke Curse 23-28 Duke Curse 23-28 :dukecurse23: :dukecurse24; :dukecurse25: :dukecurse26: :dukecurse27: :dukecurse28:
Duke Curse 29 Duke Curse 29 :dukecurse29:
Duke Curse 30-31 Duke Curse 30-31 :dukecurse30: :dukecurse31:
Duke Curse 32 Duke Curse 32 :dukecurse32:
Duke Curse 33 Duke Curse 33 :dukecurse33:
Duke Curse 34 Duke Curse 34 :dukecurse34:
Bundle of Sticks Bundle of Sticks :sticks: