As mentioned during Bethesda E3, using a Link amiibo would enable players to use Link in Skyrim. In addition to that, Nintendo announced 11 new amiibo during their conference.

Along with the trailer for DLC for Zelda Breath of the Wild, Nintendo mentioned that four amiibo for the game's four...
Nintendo, having recently released the Switch console revealed several new games this morning during their E3 press conference. They announced new trailers or release dates for several already announced games.

Games newly announced:

Kirby: Nintendo revealed a gameplay...
Ubisoft announced or revealed additional details for several games during their press conference. These games include:

Wolfenstein II:
The New Colossus: Bethesda revealed a sequel to the more than 25 year old first person shooting game, Wolfenstein. The game is scheduled to release this...
Pokemon Transfer and Pokemon Bank was updated yesterday to be compatible with generation 7. Additionally, Pokemon from the generation 1 virtual console games can be transferred up to generation 7. Pokemon from generation 6 can be moved to generation 7, but once they've been on generation 7 they...
Nintendo finally revealed more details about their upcoming console NX, now officially named the Nintendo Switch in a video this morning. Nintendo confirmed the rumors that the Switch would be a hybrid console featuring a detachable dock that allows portable play on a tablet in addition to play...
During Nintendo's Treehouse Live stream today at E3, they revealed a new 4 player battle mode called Battle Royale. In it, each player can have up to three Pokemon but only sends out one at a time. The battle is over when one of the players is out of usable Pokemon. To determine the winner,...
During today's E3, Nintendo revealed more information on their upcoming Zelda game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Three new amiibo will be released that are based on this game. Archer Link, Rider Link and the Tentacled Guardian. It has not been revealed exactly how these three...
The Pokemon Company has released more information regarding their new upcoming titles, Polemon Sun and Moon.
This video gives you insight into the legendary Pokemon on the box art of the games and some information behind the NPC's and character design.
For all the info check out the latest video...
Nintendo announced Pokemon Sun/Moon, 7th generation games for the 3DS in 2016. While not much information has been revealed about the upcoming games, Nintendo also announced that you could use Pokemon bank to transfer Pokemon from the upcoming virtual console releases of Pokemon Blue, Red and...

New (Standard) Nintendo 3DS Coming to U.S.

The smaller size New Nintendo 3DS system is finally coming to the U.S. as part of a bundle. The bundle includes the handheld system, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, two cover plates for the system, and one...